Published on: February 23, 2024

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Dallas Business Journal: “Dallas-Fort Worth comes to terms with its status as nation’s No. 2 financial hub. Dallas-Fort Worth has added 59.2K financial jobs since the end of 2019.
On track to surpass 400,000 financial services jobs in 2025 or sooner.
Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson: “Right now the smart money is on Dallas, Texas-a land of genuine opportunity where attracting big business is frankly becoming business as usual.”
“…as the economy in North Texas continues to expand and the region solidifies its reputation as the nation’s No. 2 financial hub-and, perhaps one day, vying for the top spot.”


The Uptown Miracle!


The XIT Ranch: How Texas Built the 7th Largest Building in the World in 1888 with No Money Down!


Profit Report

Suck It Up Cry Baby!
*Real life client stories of retirements damaged by overspending & underworking adult children: 
  1. The 40 year old dependent idiot who tries to take control of the surviving wife’s retirement account. 
  2. The momma’s boy that squandered over 20% of his parents’ assets.
  3. Techniques for protecting your investment and retirement assets from predatory adult children.
*Frugality Training: Dave Ramsey
*Require a meeting with the spendthrift/eternal entrepreneur with your financial advisor before helping your adult children.
*Just Say No!
*Be Stingy. 
*Loan It, but Don’t Give It!  Devise a payback plan.
*Business Venture Funding: Require a business plan that meets the standards of obtaining a similar loan from a bank or credit union.
*Only cover a small portion, in increments of progress, only if you can afford it.
*If they are living in your house, take away the video games!


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*BlackRock: 3 Market Predictions for 2024 and Lessons from 2023
*Recurrent Midstream White Paper: Record Cash Flow Surpluses

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