Published on: February 16, 2024

NetWorth Radio Advance Report - February 19, 2024

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for February 19, 2024.

Advance Report

Radio Show

Q: Are stocks too expensive for investors right now?
A: 24 times trailing earnings vs. an average of 20 times. Price to earnings growth is slightly below the 10-year average. “PappaDean” McGowan points out that the universe of publicly traded stocks is shrinking at about $3 trillion per year.
Q: What consumer categories have massive inflation recently?
A: In January alone the following areas are up: Juices 29%, Steaks 10.7%, Vehicle Insurance 20.6%, Household Repairs 18.2%, Sports Tickets 13.5% & Vet Costs 9.6%!


Headline Round Up

*Inflation at 3.1% in January, Briefly Spooks Market.
*Go Bears! Baylor University Beating Ivy League Endowments Performance.
*Farmers Increase Solar Use by 30% since 2017.
*Bitcoin Tops $52k & Coinbase Spikes 18% This Week.
*Adobe Ramps Up Artificial Intelligence (AI) Image Generating Firefly Toolset.
*India’s Option Market Booms While Promoters Help Amateur Traders Lose Billions!
*Jeff Bezos Saves $600 Million in Taxes Moving to Miami.
*Lyft Spikes 67% by Mistakenly Adding a Zero to Its Profit Report in “Clerical Error”. Short Seller Squeeze?
*ARM Holdings PLC Valuation Triples in Past 6 Months on AI Frenzy.
*Bob Moore, Founder Bob’s Red Mill, Passes at 94.
*U.S. Office Tower Construction Comes to a Screeching Halt in 2024.
*Brokers in Manhattan Offering Real Estate Backed Bonds for 50 Cents on the Dollar.
*Cash Flush Investors Pounce on Distressed Commercial Real Estate.
*International Energy Agency’s Net Zero Targets Face Reality Check?
*Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Short-Circuited Over Past 6 Months?
Mergers and Acquisitions
*Diamondback Energy Buys Endeavor Energy Resources for $26 Billion in Stock & Cash Deal. Autry Stephens, 85 & Endeavor’s Founder, Says He Sold Sooner than He Would Have Liked?


Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (12/29/2023 – 02/16/2024)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (12/29/2023 – 02/16/2024)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

AbbVie, Inc. (12/29/2023 – 02/16/2024)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

BWX Technologies, Inc. (12/29/2023 – 02/16/2024)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Diamondback Energy, Inc. (12/29/2023 – 02/16/2024)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Microsoft Corp. (12/29/2023 – 02/16/2024)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Lyft, Inc. (02/07/2024 – 02/16/2024)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP


Profit Report

How long will the momentum in the equity markets last, Alex?


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