Wealth Management Designed for HNWI Individuals & Business

At McGowanGroup, we meet with clients at least quarterly to maintain trust, evaluate performance and adjust goals. Although everyone’s financial plan is unique, we can classify most clients in four groups: executives, investors, entrepreneurs and high-net worth individuals.

Legacy Estate Planning for Families

  • High-net worth individuals nearing retirement and seeking legacy planning
  • Asset allocation and trust establishment upon death to family and charities, limiting tax liabilities
  • Managing wealth post-retirement


  • C-Suite and senior-level executives of private, small businesses to public companies. We also work with partners in law and medical practices
  • Many pass-through business portfolios and retirement plans are managed by our firm
  • We can work directly with owners or Chief Financial Officers and balance investment returns with business cash flow
  • Evaluating personal  compensation and benefits packages for executives with multiple job offers or a promotion
  • Strategic tax planning to lower liabilities
  • Managing stock option plans with advice on when to exercise vested shares


  • Real Estate and Venture  Capital  investors that seek a balanced portfolio with diversification
  • Cash flow strategies designed for  debt and equity real estate investors
  • Stock option plan comparisons for VC’s


  • Startup founders to serial entrepreneurs in technology, energy and real estate industries
  • Managing wealth with cash-flow goals aligned to business growth
  • Building exit plans for startups and planning for multiple scenarios
  • Assist in business evaluations and negotiations