The unique NetWorth Radio broadcast provides meaning to investors by delving deep into the most important headlines. By popular demand, Spencer McGowan now broadcasts his weekly Advance Report Radio shows in video format. Check back each week for the latest financial news and insights!

The Big Shift to Value!

  • What did Warren Buffett say this week in his annual letter?
  • What strategies did he reveal for 2021 and forward?
  • What categories are leading in performance for the year so far?
  • Could US Treasury yields go negative?
  • What does the rise in long-term Treasury rates tell us?
  • 7% economic growth?
  • Why do markets often do what is necessary to make the greatest number of investors wrong?


  • What is Herd Immunity?
  • What does it potentially mean for the Financial Markets?
  • Did this week’s money flows signal a shift from Growth to Value?
  • Why are Technology stocks lagging and Energy stocks leading?
  • What are the “Robinhood Bandit Traders” doing now?
  • Is Inflation already here?
  • What did the Fed chairman say?
  • What does the move in long Treasury Rates tell us?

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