The unique NetWorth Radio broadcast provides meaning to investors by delving deep into the most important headlines. By popular demand, Spencer McGowan now broadcasts his weekly Advance Report Radio shows in video format. Check back each week for the latest financial news and insights!

2021 to 2030?

  • What are the dramatic differences in the Financial markets for the decade ahead compared to the past decade?
  • How long will Cash Rates remain zero?
  • Why are traditional low-cost Fixed Income allocations likely to disappoint over the next decade?
  • What would end the speculative frenzy in the markets?
  • When will the Federal Reserve’s bond buying/money printing end?
  • What would surprise the greatest number of investors?
  • How much tactical safety should I have?
  • Has Real Estate reached peak pricing?
  • What are the best Inflation strategies?
  • What does the price of lumber tell us about future Inflation?
  • How does the Infrastructure bill impact the evolution of clean technologies?

Compelling Opportunities

  • What could be the keys to reliable performance for the next decade?
  • Why is “tactical safety” a key component of portfolios for the next 10 years?
  • What does the 90-day outperformance of medical companies’ dividends indicate for the future?
  • Why is Natural Gas so curiously strong right now?
  • Does Energy Infrastructure play a part in the green revolution?
  • What is “ESG” and what does it mean for money flows?
  • What does it mean when a company “puts on the green jacket”?
  • Does nuclear power have a future?
  • How are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Interest Rates related?
  • What are Growth and Innovation companies?
  • What is a Cash Flow panic? Will there be an Interest Rate spike in 2023?

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