The unique NetWorth Radio broadcast provides meaning to investors by delving deep into the most important headlines. By popular demand, Spencer McGowan now broadcasts his weekly Advance Report Radio shows in video format. Check back each week for the latest financial news and insights!

Stealth Recession

  • Has a stealth recession already arrived?
  • Have the financial markets factored in a real recession that may not actually happen?
  • What are the possible outcomes for the equity markets in 2022?
  • What are some of the economic forecasts for markets in 2023 and beyond?
  • Is the Energy sector presenting an attractive entry point in the financial markets?
  • Did the equity markets bottom out on June 17th?
  • How does pessimism signal potential opportunities with regards to the markets?
  • When could the technology sector bottom this year in the markets?
  • How can I possibly get a big pay raise with my investment portfolio?

Navigation Techniques

  • What types of actions can improve my investment portfolio’s reliability?
  • How can I get a pay raise with my stock portfolio?
  • What does 2018 teach us about the current Bear Market?
  • What are some of the real solutions to inflation based upon 1982?
  • How are current fiscal and regulatory policies potentially driving inflation?
  • How does reinvestment of dividends create compounded advantages?

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