The unique NetWorth Radio broadcast provides meaning to investors by delving deep into the most important headlines. By popular demand, Spencer McGowan now broadcasts his weekly Advance Report Radio shows in video format. Check back each week for the latest financial news and insights!

“As Goes January, So Goes the Year?”

  • What investments are leading in the first week of 2022?
  • What do these investments this tell us about 2022?
  • Which Texas companies are outperforming their peers on share price so far?
  • What does Dalbar Research teach us about the investment process?
  • What are the possible equity market dangers for investors in 2022?
  • What is the McGowanGroup process for Investment Planning and decision making?

9 Important Trends for the 2022 Financial Markets

  • Unprecedented Fiscal and Monetary Expansion
    • Fed Balance Sheet 15 Year
  • Demand Overwhelming Supply
    • Shortages and Commodity Spikes
    • Commodity Index 15 Year
  • Global Energy Crisis
    • The Texas Energy Gold Rush and The Clean Technology Revolution
    • Oil 15 Year
    • Solar Cost 15 Year
  • Inflation
    • CPI 15 Year
  • Accelerating Digital Technology Revolutions
    • QQQ 15 Year
  • Capital Markets Innovations
    • Total # SPAC’s From Inception
  • Crypto-Mania
    • Bitcoin 5 Year
  • Raging Bull Market in Equity and Real Estate
    • S&P 15 Year
  • Tax Planning Uncertainty
    • Federal Total Deficit 15 Year

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