The unique NetWorth Radio broadcast provides meaning to investors by delving deep into the most important headlines. By popular demand, Spencer McGowan now broadcasts his weekly Advance Report Radio shows in video format. Check back each week for the latest financial news and insights!

The Next Recession?

  • What Do the 2010-2013 Recovery Scenario Parallels, in the Financial Markets, Tell Us About Potential Strategy?
  • What Factors Are Emerging That Could Cause the Next Corrections?
  • What is True and What is Unknown in the Equity Markets?
  • What Categories Could Continue to Outperform?
  • What Does the Current Trading Euphoria Tell Us About the Future?
  • When Are We on Track to Reach Record Employment?
  • What is BTU, British Thermal Unit, agnostic?
  • I Want a Great Financial Advisory Team; Where do I find them?

2022 Possibilities?

  • What Financial Market trends have emerged in a rebound “Without Historical Parallel?”
  • What are the latest Financial Forecasts for next year?
  • Who was the victim of the latest Cyberattack?
  • Where is the FBI?
  • What can we learn from meme stock AMC’s share price trading entertainment?
  • What happened in the Middle East this week?
  • What does the spike in Oil prices tell us?
  • What are the dominant money flow trends?
  • How does Applied Technology enhance decision making?
  • What is a Dynamic Dashboard?
  • What should we be doing this Summer in our portfolios?
  • What is summer planning season?

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