Published on: February 3, 2023

NetWorth Radio Advance Report - February 6, 2023

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for February 6, 2023.

Advance Report

Radio Show

What were the Federal Reserve’s announcements regarding interest rates?
Why did tech stocks soar after the Federal Reserve’s announcements?
What is the January Effect?
Who are some of the North Texas companies who have, so far, posted large gains in 2023?
Is Spencer Whistling Past The Graveyard wearing Rose-Colored Glasses?
Is Alex’s outlook on the equity markets Bearish?
Why did High Yield Bond funds spike in value recently?
What is Convexity?
What is The McGowanGroup Wealth Management’s (MGWM) process for empowering our clients?
Standard & Poor’s CoreLogic Case-Shiller Dallas Home Price Non Seasonally Adjusted Index (02/03/2022 – 11/30/2022)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

U.S. Consumer Price Index – Urban Consumers, Month over Month Seasonally Adjusted (12/31/2021 – 12/31/2022)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Dow Jones Industrial Average (12/30/2022 – 02/03/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1 (01/03/2023 – 02/03/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Dow Jones Industrial Average (02/03/2022 – 02/03/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Quarterly U.S. Economic Forecasts with Probability of Recession (Q1 2022 – Q2 2024)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP


Headline Round Up

*Best Start to the Year for Tech Stocks Since 2001? What happened to the Sector after that great start?
*Meta Platforms, Inc. Ended 2022 Down more than 65%, But Now Up Over 50% So Far in 2023?
*Ferrari NV Profits Jump 13% in 2022!
*Supply Chain Issues Finally Solved? General Motors, Co. Q4 2022 Profits Soared While Harley-Davidson, Inc. Revs Up Shipments!
*How Gautam Adani Made $147 Billion and Could Lose It.
*Celebrities Who Endorsed Cryptocurrencies and NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) Getting Sued By Investors With Losses!
*Microchip Makers Intel and AMD Making Cow Chips? Costs risings & sales falling?
*Peloton Interactive, Inc. Revenue Down 30% in Q4 2022, Still Losing Money, Yet Has Doubled in Price since October 2022? Alex, what is a Short Squeeze?
*Oil Giants Continue to Capitalize on Higher Prices! Shell PLC Posts Record $40 Billion Profit in 2022 and Exxon Mobil Corp.’s $55.7 Billion Profit in 2022 Sets a Record with Distance!
*Saudis Cut Oil Production Output.
*Windfall Profit Taxes Being Utilized by Foreign Governments to Seize a Fraction of Global Energy Profits.
*Texas Natural Gas 2/3rds of Texas Winter Production This Past Week!
*Denbury, Inc. a Carbon Capture Giant as Indirect Beneficiary of Biden Climate Bill!
*Oil Prices Potentially at $90 Peak in 2023?


Profit Report

Are Clients Happy Now?
The Current High Yield Outlook for 2023?


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