Published on: August 18, 2023

NetWorth Radio Advance Report - August 21, 2023

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for August 21, 2023.

Advance Report

Radio Show

Q: What did Janet Yellen do during her visit to China?
A: At an arranged dinner she was unknowingly served a dish featuring mushrooms known for their psychedelic effects.
Q: What is a likely explanation for the 55 basis point spike in long US Treasury yields in less than a month?
A: Atlanta Fed estimated current economic growth this week at a whopping 5.8%.
Q: Is China destined to collapse?
A: Real estate collapse, demographic aging, exports plummet, and recent economic news paint a picture underscored by Alex in his Japan example of lost decades after the 1989 peak.

Headline Round Up

*Long US Treasury Bond Yield Hits Highest Since 2008!
*New Single Family Home Construction Rises 6.7%
*Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Buys Over $700 Million in Arlington Based DR Horton Shares.
*Inflation Raises Average Household Costs By Over $700 Per Month.
*Wall Street Raising Billions to Scoop Up Commercial Real Estate.
*Goldman Sees Fed Cutting Rates in First Half of 2024.
*Japan’s Economic Growth 6% in the Second Quarter!
*Regulators Gone Wild? A Wall Street Journal Opinion piece. 
*AI Salaries Rise to as Much as $900,000 Annual Pay.
*Tesla Cuts Model S and Model X Prices by $10,000 for new Standard Range models.
*Streaming Inflation: Prices up 25% in a Year for many online providers. 
*European Natural Gas Spikes 40% as Strike Risk in Australia Could Shut Down 10% of Global Supply.
*Global Oil Demand Hits Record High of 103MM barrels in June!
Mergers and Acquisitions:
*Energy Transfer Buys Crestwood for $7.1 Billion in stock.
Skid Row:
*Proterra Leaves $1.6 Billion in Debt After $6.7 Billion in Market Capitalization Evaporated. 
*Vinfast, a Vietnamese EV Startup Spikes to $86 Billion in Value vs GM and Ford Market Cap is Less than $50 Billion each.
*Hawaiian Electric Drops 63% Over Maui Fire.
iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF  (12/30/2022 – 08/18/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Evolution of Atlanta Fed GDPNow Real GDP Estimate for Q3 2023

– Courtesy of The Atlanta Federal Reserve

Dow Jones Industrial Average Index Year to Date (12/30/2022 – 08/18/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

AT&T Total Return  (08/18/2003 – 08/18/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Abbvie Inc. Total Return (12/10/2012 – 08/18/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

AllianceBernstein Global High Income Total Return (07/28/1993 – 08/18/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Chevron Total Return (08/18/2003 – 08/18/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Proterra Inc. Since Inception (11/24/2020 – 08/18/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Standard & Poor’s 500 Index – Top 10 and Bottom 10 (05/18/2023 – 08/18/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

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