Published on: March 22, 2022

Two men calculating financial data at a deskStrategic Wealth Management

Over the last 35 years, The McGowanGroup (MGAM) has evolved a planning process that includes Dynamic and Tactical allocations designed to exceed clear long-term objectives. More than just a Registered Investment Advisory team, our wealth management firm creates a holistic approach to our client’s financial health through an ongoing process that not only responds to market conditions, but your individual objectives as well.

The Planning Process

Investment Plan Outline: The process begins with a brainstorming appointment that results in an Investment Plan Outline that details client specific objectives over the next decade and beyond. This analysis allows MGAM to understand our clients on a more personal level and discover what is most important to them. The process extends beyond Financial Planning and Advisory Services. Consolidation of assets with MGAM results in a post transfer review and implementation of specific account allocations detailed in the Investment Plan Outline.

Comprehensive performance tracking is the initial result allowing for more logical decisions based upon actual results of portfolios. Quarterly client reviews ensure timely follow up and necessary customizations for both Total Return as well as Cash Flow Objectives based on individual needs.

The Multi-Generational Estate and Tax Planning Process: As part of the overall planning process, we recommend an ongoing series of coordination calls with both your qualified tax professional and estate planning attorney. The process leads to implementation and evolution of the estate plan through account structure design, trusts, as well as beneficiary designations.

Estate planning analysis with your chosen attorney includes review of current documents, recommended changes, logistics projections under different scenarios, and Executor/Trustee education through MGAM’s Trustee Bootcamp.

MGAM’s Trustee Bootcamp includes updates for your Executor and key Trustees. The process for engaging the family includes white boarding the estate plan and contingencies for better understanding by all generations from top to bottom.

MGAM also provides a list of Estate Planning attorneys as well as CPA’s that we have selected based on successful working relationships over the long term. The coordination and implementation of account services are included as part of the MGAM wealth management platform. This also includes our secure document vault to guarantee that your team has current copies of the estate plan.

Tax planning is an ongoing process and the McGowanGroup recommends an annual summer planning call with your CPA. This call is designed to provide the McGowanGroup with updated client information and to implement your CPA’s advice in harmony with the Investment Plan.

In addition, your CPA will automatically receive documentation required for tax planning and execution through our client portal. Preliminary reports for Income and realized Gains and Losses can alert your CPA to address advantageous planning opportunities.

Maximizing Business Owner Outcomes

Spencer McGowan, as a business owner and entrepreneur, provides the foundation for client business owners with an understanding that only comes from actual experience. Exit strategy planning often includes Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), Deferred Compensation Plans, Business Valuation metrics, and confidential negotiation support.

Advanced Certifications: Our Relationship Managers Alex Tollen and Andrew Orton have earned the Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA) designation from the Investments and Wealth Institute through the University of Chicago.

Spencer McGowan has earned the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) designation from the Investments and Wealth Institute through Wharton Business School.

The McGowanGroup Asset Management Process

MGAM Investment Committee Objectives and Fiduciary Guidelines: McGowanGroup disciplines are model portfolios matching specific long term client goals. Each Investment Committee member is encouraged to have accounts managed under one or more of the model portfolios.

Meetings: The Investment Committee meets weekly each Wednesday to evolve our research process, update allocation strategies, and discuss recommendations for additions and deletion from MGAM portfolios. Clients are welcome to join this meeting by scheduling with the team in advance.

Research: Each member, in a roundtable presentation, provides a report on their most valuable research and recommendations. The aggregation and review of research then becomes a dynamic dashboard of data sources designed to lead to viable and actionable decisions.

Selection Criteria: McGowanGroup utilizes publicly traded, liquid investments with daily valuations. Common stocks, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Individual Bonds, as well as money markets are considered and selected based upon quantification of cash flows, growth, and forward outcome estimates.

Allocation Updates: To ensure “No Client/No Dollar Left Behind,” allocations approved by the Investment Committee are enacted quickly and efficiently across the accounts in each model discipline.