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This week’s powerful interview features Stratfor, a world renowned geopolitical research firm based in Austin, Texas. Reva Goujon joins us to provide unique insights into global conflicts from her worldwide team of analysts. Our firm subscribes to Stratfor to assess risks and potential outcomes as we structure portfolios.

Reva BhallaReva Goujon is a leading global strategic analyst who keeps her finger on the pulse of emerging trends across the world. Ms. Goujon leads Stratfor’s team of analysts and plays an integral role in applying a forward-looking, strategic lens to Stratfor’s coverage of global events. She is also a prominent speaker, regularly addressing executives and investors at events across the world in a variety of industries, including energy, finance, commercial real estate and agriculture.

Ms. Goujon joined Stratfor in 2004 and has been featured in numerous newspapers and broadcasts, including Bloomberg, National Public Radio, CNN, The Associated Press, National Public Radio, Time Magazine, Al Jazeera English, Fox News, Haaretz, The New York Times, The Hindustan Times, Agencia Estado, Xinhua, Veja and Business Week.

Ms. Goujon has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Texas and a master’s degree from the Security Studies Program of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Headline Round Up!

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*Streaming Media Mania: Apple, Netflix, Disney, Facebook and Amazon Battle for Online Supremacy!

*Retail Ice Age? Retail Sales Spike, Same Store Sales Up 2.5%, But Retail Stocks Hammered?

*Bitcoin Jumps Over $4,000! Putin’s Consigliere Captains Russia’s Data Mining Battle With China.

*Microsoft Dives Into Ethereum BlockChain! Could Digital Currencies Collapse Gold Prices?

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