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The Real Story on Interest Rates:

Short Term Interest Rates, 30 Year Treasury Bond Index and Fed Funds Target Rate

irx tyx fdtr updated

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

High Yield Corporate Bond ETF

hyg 10 year

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The Real Story on Earnings and Equity Valuations
S&P 500 Index with trailing Earnings Per Share

spx and trailing eps

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Economic Projections from Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Bank
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Headline Round Up! Earnings Season:

*U.S. Companies Stockpile of Cash Grows to Near $2 Trillion.
*Facebook Earns $3.9 Billion Growing
*MasterCard Printing Money Worldwide!
*Southwest Airlines Revenue Up 7%
*Home Prices Climbing at 12%
*Dallas Home Prices 4th Strongest Out of 20 Cities
*Amazon Rally Makes Bezos the Richest Man on Earth: $90 Billion!
*Caterpillar Raises Forecast as Revenues Rise on Commodity Rebound!
*Copper Spikes to $2.81 per Pound up over 40% from Lows.
*US Equity Prices 2nd Highest in the World!
*Fed Increases Rates and Stocks Don’t Care.
*Oil Spikes to Near $49. Why?
*Black Gold Rush in the Permian: Land Grabs at an 8 Year High!
*Liquid Natural Gas: U.S. Beats Canada Due to Regulation Delays.
*Halliburton Adds $1 Billion in Revenue
*The Other Fancy Shoe Drops: Kors Buys Choo.
*WebMD Taken Out by KKR for $2.8 Billion
*Greece Borrows Money at Just 5.17%
*Venezuela Stiffs Russia!
*Bitcoin Visa?

Summer Planning Season!

*Great questions lead to powerful answers:
*Questions to ask your CPA this summer
*Questions to ask your estate planning attorney this summer.
*Trustee Boot Camp: effective training steps to complete with your executor, trustees, and heirs this summer.
*New Virtual Currency Updates: Digital Beanie Babies or the Future of Finance?

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Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*The Outlook Hinges on Earnings
*Q3 Guide to the Markets!
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