Published on: December 15, 2023

NetWorth Radio Advance Report - December 18, 2023

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for December 18, 2023.

Advance Report

Radio Show

Q: What are some of the reasons the equity markets spiked this week?
A: The Federal Reserve (Fed) indicated in Wednesday’s projections the potential for three interest rate cuts in 2024. The equity markets anticipated lower financing costs over the longer term resulting in higher profits as well as increased net present values of future cash flows.
Q: What companies are some of the big winners in the financial markets, so far, in 2023?
A: Microsoft Corp., Novo Nordisk, Vistra Corp., BWX Technologies, Inc., Visa, Inc., and Energy Transfer.
Q: How can McGowanGroup Wealth Management help investors and their families?
A: The “Team That Cares” puts a Certified Investment Management Analyst, two Certified Private Wealth Advisors, two experienced Wealth Managers, Four highly experienced Financial Services professionals, and a long-tenured Compliance Manager on your side.


Headline Round Up

*Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation Only .1% for November. Annualizing Well Below Federal Reserve Target for Two Months in a Row.
*Producer Price Index (PPI) Inflation 0% for November.
*2024 U.S. Inflation Forecasts Plummet! Lowest since April 2021.
*Global Inflation Cooled Off Too as World Central Banks Held Interest Rates Steady.
*Oil Spikes with Equity Markets as Fed Pivot Tweaks Demand Optimism.
*Oppenheimer Asset Management Chief Strategist, John Stoltzfus, Projects Double Digit Gain for S&P 500 in 2024.
*U.S. Holiday Spending ABOVE Last Year’s Sales.
*Pfizer Plummets to 10 Year Low on Quarterly Loss.
*Luxury Stores Are Bursting with Unsold Stuff.
*Dogs of the Dow for 2024?
*Citi Sees Big Year for S&P 500 in 2024.
*Manhattan New York Rent Deflation.
*Wind Energy “Sea Monster” Ship Way Over Budget and Way Behind Schedule. Supply chain snags, inflation and interest rate hikes bust project schedule.
*Solar and Wind on Track to Surpass Coal Power in 2024 for the First Time.
*DFW Home Prices Up 175% Since 2013.
*Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. to Boot Boots Pharmacy Chain?
*RTX Corp. Engine Recall?
*Microsoft Corp. Tops List of Best Managed Companies in 2023.
*Super Micro Computer, Inc. Super?
Mergers and Acquisitions
*Occidental Buys Permian Oil Driller CrownRock, LP for $12 Billion in Cash & Stock.
*Macy’s $5.8 Billion Takeover by Private Equity Groups. Why? The Real Estate!
Skid Row
*L.A. Affordable Housing Project Took 17 Years to Build 49 Units. Development faced nearly every legal hurdle, allowed by California law, by opponents of the affordable housing project, but construction finally began about a year ago.


Dow Jones Industrial Average (12/30/2022 – 12/15/2023)

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U.S. Consumer Price Index – Urban Consumers Month over Month, Seasonally Adjusted (11/02/2020 – 11/30/2023)

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U.S. Producer Price Index – Finished Goods Seasonally Adjusted, Month over Month (11/02/2020 – 11/30/2023)

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Microsoft Corp. (12/30/2020 – 12/15/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Visa, Inc. (12/30/2020 – 12/15/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Vistra Corp. (12/30/2022 – 12/15/2023)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg LP


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