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BirdmanMedical Breakthroughs! This week’s powerful interview features Navy Seal Ryan “Birdman” Parrott founder of Sons of the Flag, the national resource for burn survivors based here in Dallas. The ultimate goal of Sons of the Flag is to accelerate the process of testing leading technologies and pushing them into circulation for immediate use. This will aid the recovery and lives of burn survivors across the nation.

Headline Round Up!

*S&P and NASDAQ New Highs Again!? How High Can it Go? Party Like 1999?

2 nasdaq two year

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*U.S. Corporate High Yield Bond Indexes Renews Price Rally!

3 hyg

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*Waxed! Brazilian Indexes Slammed!

*Emerging Market Equity Implications?

eem and ewz

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*Kate Spade Wins? Recent Acquisition by Coach of Kate Spade’s Successful Store Chain and Lessons for Investors!

*China’s Market Thin! What it Means for Investors!

*Oil: OPEC Extended Cuts While U.S. Pumps More and More!

*North Korea’s Danger Update.

*Subprime Auto Loans That are Really Subprime!

Profit Report:


Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*What is bitcoin?

*What is blockchain?

*How is bitcoin supply limited?

*What is Ethereum?

*Who are the players?

*What does this mean for global financial markets and possible outcomes?

*Washington Updates?

*Trustee Bootcamp and investment planning cases from this week’s client appointments.

Featured Research Solutions:

Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd Strategy Update

*Brazil’s Troubles: Meaning for Emerging Markets

*Credit Cycle Update: Is it Over?

*Passive Bond Strategies: A Road to Nowhere

*Estate Planning Attorneys

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