Wealth Management Is Our Passion

McGowanGroup Asset Management (MGAM) is a Dallas-based wealth and asset management firm committed to providing experienced wealth management and personalized investment planning solutions to high net worth families and related institutions with the ultimate goal of delivering superior client profitability through excellence in service.

With over $797 Million* in assets under management, MGAM’s expertise extends across multiple investment categories: traditional safety in fixed income, high cash flow strategies, and growth with income. MGAM investment disciplines emphasize generating current income along with opportunities for capital gains. With full recognition that profits are not an assurance, the MGAM team platform is steadfast in the daily, ongoing, global search for the investment assets that can meet or exceed client objectives. In addition, MGAM offers each client family comprehensive performance tracking to provide clear bottom line results from inception.

MGAM is firmly dedicated to empowering clients through education. The firm’s portfolio strategies and client education platforms are provided through trademarked NetWorth Radio broadcasts. In addition, the team’s articles and recommended investment intelligence reports are made available through the MGAM newsletter subscription broadcast.

*Updated as of 03/31/2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The McGowanGroup divides asset classes into three major asset categories:  Safety and Income, High Cash Flow and Growth with Income. Current allocations do not include private equity due to liquidity issues with that particular asset category.
An absolute benchmark is a stated target return a relative benchmark is measured against the relevant Index or combination of Indexes. Each of our trademarked model disciplines is measured against the appropriate indexes in a separate report provided upon request.
MGAM’s client tailored Investment Plans include all assets categories mentioned earlier along with coordination and planning for insurance, annuities, and illiquid investments held outside of The McGowanGroup. As a Fiduciary, MGAM does not sell insurance or annuities allowing for unbiased fiduciary advice to clients.
MGAM is paid a percentage of assets under management, billed quarterly in advance.  Investment and custody services as well as all ancillary costs are clearly described in our form ADV and available via our website.
Out of respect for our existing clients, we ask new clients to consolidate a minimum of $1,000,000 during the first 12 months. Minimums are waived for family members referred to us by existing client to further the multi generational Estate Planning services.