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From your initial visit to the office to each interaction with our team, you will find us devoted to the sacred missions of excellence in service and superior client profits.

The Differences from other Advisors:

Automated Performance Tracking

Disciplined Review Cycles

Portfolio Strategy Updates

The Ability to Delegate as well as Improve Education

Investment Committee Research

Devotion to High Cash Flow Assets

Access to All Team Members

Advanced Financial Planning, Estate Planning Coordination and Execution, and Tax Planning Coordination with your CPA.

Headline Round Up!

*W! and his “Semi-Famous Dad.”

*Golden Apple: Great Earnings New High Powers Dow over 22,000!

*Strong Economy Strong Labor Market.

*Oil Update: Price Dances with $50 per Barrel. Dallas Based Exploration Companies Pioneer and Range Resources Taken to the Woodshed.

*Venezuela Implosion, Tragedy for Citizens.

*Can Tesla Make Money? Record Negative Cash Flow! Burning over a Billion per Quarter!

*Kelsey Under Fire at Energy Transfer Just Keeps on Digging!

*Are High Yield Bond Traders Smarter than Stock Pickers?

*Retail Bankruptcies Overtake Energy Companies as Amazon Expands Warehouses Adding 100,000 New Workers.

*Deregulation for Banks Including Proprietary Trading.

*Treasury’s Mnuchin Considers Issuing 50 Year Bonds. Can you wait until 2067 for your capital return?

*Federal Reserve: Deep State Bureaucrats?

The Profit Report!

*Geopolitical Updates from Stratfor Research in Austin:

*The Islamic Militant Threat?

*North Korea Potential Outcomes?

*The Meaning of Venezuelan Collapse for Latin America?

*Russian Objectives?

*Real Estate! Kudos to Dallas News’ Steve Brown.

*Trustee Boot Camp: The Legacy Project!

*The Importance of Performance Reports for Trustees and Fiduciaries.

*Effective training steps to complete with your executor, trustees, and heirs this summer.

S&P 500 Index

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Crude Oil

oil updated

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U.S. Dollar Index

dxy 8 3 17

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Crude Oil and U.S. Dollar Index

dollar and oil

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copper updated

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Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*The Real Interest Forecast

*Q3 Guide to the Markets!

*CPA’s that we work with.

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