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With the Dow and S&P notching new historic highs this week investors may be best served by taking profits in equity based investments. Further, tax loss selling (selling positions that are at a net capital loss to reduce taxes) may be more advantageous now than in December.

The real estate cycle appears to be closer to the 8th inning than the 3rd inning based upon prior recession patterns.

The “yield panic” of 2016 appears similar to the money flows of 2012 when many investors accepted the premise that interest rates could stay lower for longer. The result was significant appreciation for many fixed income investments. In 2012, prior to the interest rate spike of 2013, the opportunity to lock in gains at premium prices in fixed income portfolios, allowed many investors to raise cash with advantageous timing. We have established price targets for our fixed income portfolios to harvest and raise cash if our gain targets are realized.

After being nearly fully invested in February of 2016, we are beginning to raise cash from underperforming positions and those that reach premium levels that could be unsustainable.

Wage push inflation and potential commodity price stability could create opportunities to acquire discounts after an interest rate spike during 2017.

Clients have asked about the election impact. Recent speeches by both candidates are providing (Finally!) details on tax policy. For investors, the longer term impact of the election should be examined with specific tax policy changes.

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*Trump Tax Plan?

*Clinton Tax Plan?

*Credit Market Update from Nuveen

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Headline Round Up!:

*New Historic Highs on S&P 500 Index.

*Oil Trades Most of the Week $41-$44.

*Next Round of Financing for Energy Could be Difficult Based Upon Potential Bank Demands.

*30 Year US Treasury Approaches 2.2% This Week.

*Tech Rally! Old Tech and New Tech Making 52 Week Highs and Some All Time Highs.

*Emerging Market Bond Rally Continues.

We look forward to Summer Planning Season and helping to coordinate your future success.

Tax planning updates: The summer is an ideal time to meet with your CPA. Completing extension filings and a preliminary 2016 return before the October rush can result in a more proactive process while CPA offices tend to have extra band width.

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What Happens when someone passes away:
1) The Probate Process
2) Executor – roles, responsibilities and fiduciary duty
3) What to do with real estate
4) Processing the distributions

Joint accounts, POA and trustee of trusts
1) To Joint account or to not Joint account: pitfalls and
risks of being a joint owner
2) POA is a better way to go for bank and brokerage
3) My parents have a trust and I am the successor trustee, now what?
a. Fiduciary responsibilities
b. It’s their money until its not

1) The “Windfall” Trap
2) How money works, compounding and total return
3) The importance of cash flow
4) Making the money last
5) Building an income base with the portfolio
6) Your budget
7) Teaching the next generation

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