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What is Tactical Allocation?

Which Asset Categories are Expensive?

Which Asset Categories are Bargains?

What is a “Tradeable Overreaction?”

Investors often appear obligated to separate themselves into one of two camps, passive or active. This week’s program dives into a third approach that we call tactical allocation. The concept of being a trader implies accepting risk to many investors. However, the ability to define great assets that should be in a portfolio based upon attractive pricing results in a decision tree of confidence when markets suddenly present bargains.

We believe that the foundation of a commitment to advance knowledge and ability in three distinct asset categories can guide successful decision making for the next decade. Safety and income, high cash flow, and growth with income provide investors a conceptual framework over and above traditional asset class definitions.

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This week’s financial media focus on Federal Reserve policy underscores a history of market overreactions that include the “taper tantrum” of 2013 as well as 35 years of reactions that, in hindsight, were tradeable overreactions in reasonably conservative assets.

Combine this week’s fixed income market activity with the corrections of 2015 and 2016 in the global credit markets, and investors are provided with the empowering ability to define bargains in attractive asset categories.

By defining a forward return target, investors gain a powerful tool for filtering choices. Estimates of likely forward returns are also a function of pricing. This week’s intelligence reports include pricing for major asset classes in the charts below. This week’s program guides listeners through the meaning of the Bloomberg chart:

spx mub hyg

Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

Headline Round Up!:

*National Debt Surging in Final Months of the Obama Administration!

*1 for You 2 for Hillary! 65% Estate Tax?!

*Big Tech Rally Powers Ahead!

*Bond King Says Buy Long Bonds!

*Fed Announcements and Market Impact.

*Earnings Season: Is the Market Overvalued?

*Allergan Buying Spree! 3rd Acquisition in 3 weeks! Another US Headquarters Moves to Ireland.

*NatGas $3/Million BTU! LNG Updates!

*FedEx Results Declare Healthy Economy!

*King Dollar! or “End of America?”

*Housing Boom Update: How Long Will it Last?

case shiller 10 year

Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

housing inventory

Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

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