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This week began the 4th quarter of 2017. Our program will cover in depth the winners and losers of 2017. The report includes intelligence on money flow and what it means for 2018 portfolio construction.

Headline Roundup!

* The Top Stories and Biggest Surprises of 2017!

  • Global Compression
  • Global Equity Rally
  • Profit Explosion!
  • Deregulation
  • Tax Reform?
  • Top Performers and Bottom Feeders!
  • Retail Ice Age: Amazon Transforms the World!

Eaton Vance Monthly Market Monitor September 2017
Download (PDF, 2.17MB)

J.P. Morgan Guide to the Markets September 2017
Download (PDF, 2.36MB)

J.P. Morgan Guide to the Markets September 2017
Download (PDF, 2.43MB)

World Equity Indices – Year to Date

world index

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Global Commodity Prices – Year to Date

global commodities

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*Manufacturing BOOM!
*Amazon to Frisco? Developer with JCP Track Ready to Build!
*Axis of Weevils: Russia Provides Internet Connection to North Korea? North Korean Explosive Shipment to Egypt Seized!
*Fed Leader: Hawkish Kevin Warsh Rumored to Be Named.
*Cryptocurrency: Goldman Sachs Working to Deliver Bitcoin and Blockchain to Financial Firms.
*Tesla Burns $10 Billion Never Having Made Even 10 Cents! Competition Joining the Fray. Could This End Badly?
*Needless Markup Express? Struggling Neimans Plans Kiosk Type Stores Starting in Soho.
*Tax Reform Update: 10% to Bring it Back But Watch Out For the Adjustable Punitive Global Rate.
*Exploding! LNG, Liquid Natural Gas, Chenier Now the Biggest Buyer of Natural Gas for Export.

Trustee BootCamp

-What it means to be a trustee/executor – it’s a Fiduciary duty
-List of important functions
-Family dynamics
-Making the money last- no “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” please (or the windfall trap)
-Also, tips and advice

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