NetWorth Radio Advance Report - July 8, 2019

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for July 8, 2019.

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Congratulations USA!
Congratulations Texas!
Congratulations USA Women’s Soccer Team!
*Longest Economic Expansion in History!
*Energy Independence and USA #1 in Energy Production Again.
*Big Equity Rally! Who Predicted This? Are we “Range Bound?” Best First Half in Over 20 Years.
*Top 2019 Performances and Warnings!
*Long Rates Drop! 10 Year U.S. Treasury Hits 3 Year Low, 1.95%? 30 Year U.S. Treasury, 2.48%? Duration Risk warnings.
*Fed Policy Reversal.
*Real Estate Cools.
*Global PMI and U.S. Profit Growth Cools.
*Oil Rally!

Texas Black Gold Rush!

*Energy Independence!
*Energy Production Topping 100 “QUADS!”
*Oil Production Over 12 Million Barrels Per Day!
*Dependence on Dangerous OPEC Oil 30 Year Low!
*USA Number 1 in Oil and Energy Production!
*God Bless Texas and God Bless the USA!


NetWorth Radio Texas Business Leadership series with John C. Mallios & Associates Principal John Mallios, a North Texas Based Attorney with over 40 Year Experience!

MalliosThis week’s featured interview combines Trustee Bootcamp and our ongoing Estate Planning discussion in an interview with John Mallios, a qualified and experienced litigation attorney.
Join us for key insights into the Estate Planning process: Do I need a Will or a Revocable Living Trust? What happens if the original document is missing? How does Probate actually work? What are the most important things that I need to do right now to protect assets?
John Mallios completed his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Salmon P. Case, College of Law in 1978. After his successful completion of the Texas Bar Exam, he became a licensed attorney in all State and Federal courts in all districts in the state of Texas in May of 1979.
Mr. Mallios opened his own practice in 1980 and early on in his career he specialized in Criminal and Family Litigation. By 1983, he specialized in, not only Criminal and Family Litigation, but also Business, Probate, and Personal Injury law. Mr. Mallios has been involved in numerous cases against corporate defendants where he has obtained substantial verdicts and/or settlements.



With regard to the trade negotiations we offer a recent Wall Street Journal commentary:
“There’s a simple solution to the Huawei issue: It is welcome to do business in the U.S. as long as it forms a joint venture with an American company that will hold a 51% interest in the entity as well as unrestricted access to its technology.” – Michael Choquette, WSJ June 1st, 2019.


J.P.Morgan Guide to the Markets – 3Q 2019 (pg 60, 06/30/2019)

JPMorgan 3Qtr2019 pg 60
– Courtesy of J.P.Morgan

J.P.Morgan Guide to the Markets – 3Q 2019 (pg 39, 06/30/2019)

JPMorgan 3Qtr2019 pg 39
– Courtesy of J.P.Morgan

J.P.Morgan Guide to the Markets – 3Q 2019 (pg 64, 06/30/2019)

JPMorgan 3Qtr2019 pg 64
– Courtesy of J.P.Morgan

J.P.Morgan Guide to the Markets – 3Q 2019 (pg 27, 06/30/2019)

JPMorgan 3Qtr2019 pg 27
– Courtesy of J.P.Morgan

J.P.Morgan Guide to the Markets – 3Q 2019 (pg 22, 06/30/2019)

JPMorgan 3Qtr2019 pg 22
– Courtesy of J.P.Morgan

J.P.Morgan Guide to the Markets – 3Q 2019 (pg 19, 06/30/2019)

JPMorgan 3Qtr2019 pg 19
– Courtesy of J.P.Morgan


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