NetWorth Radio Advance Report - September 3, 2018

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for September 3, 2018.

Advance Report

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The Russian Ruble plummeted to 69 Rubles to the Dollar during August. The immediate impact that this is probably your best chance to visit Russia in September before the cold sets in!
The drop in value of emerging market currencies is one of the most significant financial events of 2018:
Standard and Poor’s 500 Index & NASDAQ Composite Index (Approx. 9 Months)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg

U.S. Dollar vs. Argentine Peso Spot Rates (Approx. 3 Years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg

U.S. Dollar vs. Brazilian Real Spot Rates (Approx. 3 Years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg

U.S. Dollar vs. Turkish Lira Spot Rates (Approx. 3 Years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg

U.S. Dollar vs. Russian Ruble Spot Rates (Approx. 3 Years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg

VanEck Vectors Russia E.T.F. vs. Russian Ruble Spot Price (Approx. 3 Years)  

-Courtesy of Bloomberg

Back from a week in St. Petersburg Russia, this week’s program provides unique insights into the Russian economy as well as longer term global currency impacts.
Everything that I thought about Russia was transformed by the experience.
Dinner out for 7 people at one of St. Petersburg’s finest restaurants with wine cost less than $250 USD all in including me and 6 Russian friends (convene the special counsel!). The food and service rivaled Dallas’s finest. A three hour private boat tour cost $200 USD. Taxi rides anywhere in the city ran about $7 USD and 100 Ruble tip, about $1.50 USD gave you Rockstar status! Cranes populated the city of 42 islands building new high rises consistent with uptown Dallas.
Gazprom has built a headquarters spire that adorns the northern island near the cities largest yacht club.
The city was built by Peter the Great to be the capital of the world. Think Paris, Venice, and Florence all rolled into one with beautiful canals.
Lastly, Russians enjoy both Judo and shirtless horseback riding inspired by Putin:


























Headline Round Up and Top Surprises of 2018!

*Boom! GDP Revised UP to 4.2%!
*Boom! S&P and Nasdaq All Time Highs! Tech Stocks Rally. Short squeeze?
*Boom! Profits Spike the Most in Six Years!
*Oil Tops $70!
*Permian Production Hitting Record Highs! Rango, Where does all that water go? Opportunities?
*Petroleum Pipelines at Capacity. Transportation Price Increases? NatGas Being Flared.
*Gazprom Explodes!
*Aramco Gives Up IPO.
*Argentina Raises Rates to 60% as Peso Plummets 41% Since 2017.
*Riding High! Cannabis Stocks Spike on Huge Inflows Driven by Diageo Investment Discussions.
*BlackRock Ascends to Largest Money Manager After Prevailing Through Crisis.
*Housing Boom Slows: Case Schiller Dallas Home Prices Up 5.2% Year Over Year.
*Ike Dike: Houston Attempting to Build $15 Billion Dollar Wall to Protect City Energy Infrastructure.
*Aston Martin Investors Could Reap Tenflold Gain in IPO. Oops, Ford Used to Own It. Ford Teetering on Junk Status.
*Sparkling Water Rules Beverage Growth.
*Beware the IPO! Chinese NIO to Raise $1.3 Billion on $7 Million Revenue in First Half. Losing Money. Beware Global Index fund investors.


The Profit Report:

*Trustee Boot Camp: Check your trust documents and call the CPA!
*Summer planning season!


The Cash Flow Revolution:

*Interest Rate Updates: Money Markets, Treasuries, Corporates, and more.


Research Round Up!

Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.
*Bond Market Updates
*Embrace the Power of Income: Special Report.
*401k Strategy for Estate Planning and MISTAKES to avoid.
*FERC Ruling Positive for Energy Infrastructure.

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