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This week’s NetWorth Radio program dives into the backgrounds of cabinet leaders and what it means for 2017-2020.

Headline Round Up!

*Equity Indexes Hit New All Time Highs!

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Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

*Oil Tops $50 on OPEC “Cut.”

*Fed Announcements December 14th. Have the Bond Markets Overreacted Again?

*30 Year US Treasury Tops 3.1%, 1% Higher than the All Time Low Set Earlier in 2016

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Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

*Are Municipals Cheap Enough Yet?


Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

*Dallas Home Prices over 1/3 Higher Than 2007 Peak!

case shiller

Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

*Dallas Bonds Downgraded to AA over Pension Mess.

*More Jobs Again in November!

*Growth and Incomes Spike!

Profit Report!

*What do the New Cabinet Members Tell Us About 2017?

*Why Could Trump Tax Cuts Whack Banks with Writedowns?

*GoPro? The True History of an Overpriced IPO. Lessons for Investors?

*What Does Heavy Futures Market Volume Tell Us About the Interest Rate Spike?

*The Power of Compounding

*Trustee Boot Camp: The Process of Engaging Your Family.

*Trustee Boot Camp Recommendation: Send the Link to Your Parents and Heirs Today.

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*What is Really Going on in The Bond Market?

*Election Impact: What Will the 2016 Elections Mean for Investors?

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