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Each week, NetWorth Radio features a section entitled “The CashFlow Revolution™.” The global headlines over the Brexit, UK exiting the EU, highlight the opportunities for high cash flow investments.  Massive buying in US Treasury bonds has pushed the longer term yields back to historic lows!  What does this mean for portfolio strategy? This week’s program covers the potential outcomes for investors between now and 2018.

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Graph courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

With a guarantee under 2.3% for 30 years and duration risk of about 20% for each 1% rise in rates, the 30 year US Treasury appears preposterously valued relative to investor return targets.

As the dust settled from the Brexit mini panic this week, assets with yields over 6% generally appreciated with impressive gains. The stage appears to be set for a 2012 scenario NetWorth Radio has named a “Yield Panic” where capital flows potentially continue to push the prices of yield assets higher. NetWorth Radio explores unique strategies in this weekend’s mid year update.

For the future of Great Britain, it remains to be seen if the predictions of economic contraction will actually be realized. While we leave the politics to others, the long term impact on the British economy is not necessarily negative.

We look forward to Summer Planning Season and helping to coordinate your future success.

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Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

Headline Round Up!:

  • 2 Weeks of Extreme Global Capital Flows!
  • Currency Impact: Pounded! What it may really mean for Great Britain! Export Advantages?
  • Google Raided in Spain and France: Tax Probe or EU Shakedown?
  • The Preposterous 92% Dollar Based Gain in 40 Year Japanese Bonds!
  • Your House is BIGGER, in Value Again!
  • Fed Stress Test Stands Between You and Your Bank Dividend! S&P Restructures “Financial” Sector to Separate Government Sponsored Banks from Real Estate Investment Trusts Effective Q3.
  • GAS! Natural Gas Spikes This Month the Most since 2009!
  • Still Not a Recession: Consumer Spending and Confidence UP HIGH!

Vital Fiduciary Obligations that You May Already Have!  Trustee Boot Camp With Alex Tollen: What You Must Do as an Executor or Trustee.

What Happens when someone passes away:

  • The Probate Process
  • Executor – roles, responsibilities and fiduciary duty
  • What to do with real estate
  • Processing the distributions

Joint accounts, POA and trustee of trusts

  1. To Joint account or to not Joint account: pitfalls and
    risks of being a joint owner
  2. POA is a better way to go for bank and brokerage
  3. My parents have a trust and I am the successor trustee, now what?
    a. Fiduciary responsibilities

    1. Fiduciary responsibilities
    2. It’s their money until its not


  1. The “Windfall” Trap
  2. How money works, compounding and total return
  3. The importance of cash flow
  4. Making the money last
  5. Building an income base with the portfolio
  6. Your budget
  7. Teaching the next generation

Your advisory team:

  • Wealth Manager
  • Attorney
  • CPA
  • Real Estate Professional

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