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The long awaited tax reform plan hit the tape this week with important implications for investors. The proposed corporate tax rate reduction from 35% to 20% corresponds to a huge 23% potential gain in net after tax corporate profits. The simplification of individual income taxes includes a $24,000 non taxable threshold then a 15%, 25%, and 35% bracket schedule.

This week’s program explores the likelihood of passing congress and possible outcomes for investors along with strategy guidance.

J.P. Morgan Guide to the Markets 3QTR 2017

Download (PDF, 2.46MB)

Headline Roundup!

*New North Texas Highs: Congratulations Texas Pacific Land, TPL, Texas Instruments, TXN, DR Horton, DHI, and Trinity Industries, TRN. Lessons for investors?
*Texas Instruments, Inc. and D.R. Horton, Inc. (Approx. 20 yrs.)

txn and dhi updated

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*Oil Rally!
*Midland Real Estate BOOM! Permian Huge Growth. Eagleford Left Behind?
*Bombardier Away! Tariff Threatened on 100-150 Passenger C Series Jets. Canada Gets Slammed, What About CHINA?
*Home Prices Up Again! Equity Percentage 11 Year High.
*U.S. July S&P Case-Shiller Prices by City (Table) Dated 09-26-2017

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*AI: Ford and Lyft Announce Self Driving Car Investments.
$1 Billion Over 5 Years. Target 2021.
*Pot Smokin’ D.C.: Buy a $45 T Shirt or Mug and Get A Happy Gift Included! $80 Sweatshirts Include Ganga Too!
*Tax Free Municipal Opportunities Resulting from Tax Reform?
*Harvey: $50-150 Billion Proposed.
*GDP 3.1%
*Durable Goods Orders Spike 1.7% Last Month, 5.1% for Trailing Year.
*Bain Capital Buys $18 Billion Toshiba Flash Memory Division.

Profit Report

*The Tax Plan! Details and Strategy.
*North Korea: 5 Potential Outcomes and Strategy Implications for Investors.
*Money Flow: Tech Slammed! Biotech Benefits?

You Need A Plan!

The Common Sense Financial Plan
*IPO – Investment Plan Outline
*Know Your Rules (The Rule of 72 and Total Return)
*Performance Tracking – How have you done?
*Budgeting – Spend less than you make
*Reinvest the Rest
*Review Discipline

Allocation Strategies

Three Categories – Safety and Income, High Cash Flow, Growth and Income.
A Dynamic Strategy Adjusts for Market Opportunities: Buy Discounts and Get Real Cash Flow!

Lessons from Bear Markets and Bull Markets

Bear Market
Increase maturity value under control with discounts.
Bonds generally recover faster than stocks.
Forward return in bonds goes up when prices are down.

Bull Market
Low forward earnings yield equals low long term performance.
Don’t chase performance.
There is no “new way” to value companies (i.e. tech wreck).
Use targets and alerts for harvesting gains and protecting portfolio.
Empower the Fixed Income and safety Allocations with selective harvests.
Get the cash you will need in the bank before the next bear.

Questions That You Should Ask and Questions Your Advisor Should Ask

Trustee BootCamp

-What it means to be a trustee/executor – it’s a Fiduciary duty
-List of important functions
-Family dynamics
-Making the money last- no “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” please (or the windfall trap)
-Also, tips and advice

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