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“The markets will do whatever is necessary to surprise the greatest number of investors.”

-“PappaDean” McGowan

The summer head fake surrounding the brief collapse in the Dow index to near 17,000 set the stage to underscore the wisdom of my father’s statement. This week’s new highs in the S&P 500 and Dow indexes provide important guidance for investors. We began liquidating under-performing positions into the strength of this week’s rally. For most investors, the opportunity to reduce risk from relatively high points in equity prices and certain fixed income sectors should be a focus for the summer planning season.

Tax planning updates: The summer is an ideal time to meet with your CPA. Completing extension filings and a preliminary 2016 return before the October rush can result in a more proactive process while CPA offices tend to have extra band width.

We look forward to Summer Planning Season and helping to coordinate your future success.

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Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*Texas Instruments bounds to near $65 for the first time since the turn of the millennium. Executives with equity options and shares should consider a gradual harvesting plan.

*Richardson based HVAC giant Lennox International spikes to an all time high completing a 5 fold/5 year gain from the lows of 2011!

Energy investor updates:

*Kinder Morgan raises $1.47 billion by selling a 50% pipeline stake to Southern.
*High Yield versus Distressed: Speculative oil company bonds rebound in price on improved recovery estimates for bond holders.

*Gundlach’s Update: The New Bond King Discusses “Mass Psychosis.”
*”Alternative” Purgatory: Hedge Fund Exodus! 84% of Investors Yanked Money Out in the First Half, 61% Ready to Pull More Funds Out.

*Ixit? Apple and Other US Companies Attacked by the European Union over Lower Taxes in Ireland. Should The Republic of Ireland “Ixit” the EU to Preserve Low Tax Advantages?

*Recession? Get the Facts: Job Openings Numbers Still Historically High!

*Wrong Again! Surprise Drop in Rates Leaves Wall Street Gurus “Off Target” With Distance!

Vital Fiduciary Obligations that You May Already Have!

Trustee Boot Camp With Alex Tollen!

What You Must Do as an Executor or Trustee.

What Happens when someone passes away:
1) The Probate Process
2) Executor – roles, responsibilities and fiduciary duty
3) What to do with real estate
4) Processing the distributions

Joint accounts, POA and trustee of trusts
1) To Joint account or to not Joint account: pitfalls and
risks of being a joint owner
2) POA is a better way to go for bank and brokerage
3) My parents have a trust and I am the successor trustee, now what?
a. Fiduciary responsibilities
b. It’s their money until its not

1) The “Windfall” Trap
2) How money works, compounding and total return
3) The importance of cash flow
4) Making the money last
5) Building an income base with the portfolio
6) Your budget
7) Teaching the next generation

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