NetWorth Radio Advance Report 10-30-2017

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for October 30, 2017

Advance Report

Radio Show

This week marked the climax of earnings announcements for third quarter results as well as apparent tax loss selling by mutual funds.
The combination of new highs in equity indexes, strong results, weak results, and tax motivated rotation usually means that in the final quarter of the year, strong performers bet stronger and shares of weaker performers experience augmented selling pressure.
This week’s program explores the strategy opportunities for investors both in the short term and longer term perspectives. January effect? The program covers the details. NetWorth Radio’s unique combination of financial news and portfolio strategy discussion is focused on providing intelligence that advances investor knowledge and ability to make empowered decisions.


Headline Round Up

*Profit! Third Quarter Bonanza for Earnings Announcements.
*Caterpillar Beats Expectations by Over 50%?
*Visa Prints Money Again!
*Big Mac Attack!
*New Digs!  New Home Sales Highest Since 2007.  Boom or Bubble?  Salt Lake City Hot, Houston Not.

Energy Updates:

*Liquid Natural Gas EXPLODES!
*Pipelines Spanked Then Bounce!  Tax Loss Selling?
*General Electric or General Eclectic?  Shareholders bolt.


This Week’s Important Graphs

GDP U.S. Chained 2009 Dollars (Approx. 10 years)


-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

S&P 500 Index (Approx. 10 years) 

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

S&P 500 Index Annual Earnings (Approx. 10 years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

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NetWorth Radio Powerful Interview! Global Business Leadership! Adventure Eco-Tourism: Take Some Profit and Go On a Photo Safari!


Having been raised in six African countries, Will graduated with a degree in environmental science from Southampton University, before spending four years in Ethiopia, first as a volunteer in its national parks, and then as the driving force behind the country’s first ecotourism project at Bishangari Tented Camp. From Ethiopia, Will went to work as a guide and luxury lodge manager in Kenya, at Galdessa in Tsavo East, and at Borana on the Laikipia, before returning to the UK, where he set up Journeys by Design in 1999.

A lifelong advocate of sustainable tourism, Will’s primary motivation in the setting up of Journeys by Design was to help contribute to the work of a small but growing band of thinkers, wildlife experts and environmental specialists, all of whom see high-end, low impact tourism as the best way to save and then grow Africa’s many wildernesses.
In this respect, Journeys by Design handles fewer than 200 clients a year, preferring to concentrate its efforts at the very top end of the specialist luxury safari market. With a complement of just nine staff, the company is small, personal and has a reputation for providing the very best of services, a standard unparalleled throughout the industry. Will is delighted that 70% of Journeys by Design’s business is either repeat or referred.
Will travels to Africa at least five times yearly and has formed excellent relationships with the guides, pilots and local communities that play host to our safaris. While he knows all the countries represented by Journeys by Design very well, Will specializes in designing itineraries for Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Tanzania.