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The start of March brought record highs to the Large Cap U.S. equity indexes. This week’s pullback appears to indicate that the market rally is over in the wake of the delay in healthcare reform. The correction in retail stocks continued this week with more reports of potential bankruptcies.

This week’s program examines the dependency on tax and healthcare reform that equity prices have demonstrated. MGAM updated its new cash allocation strategy during this week’s investment committee meeting. We will discuss the details including tactical allocation strategy for the rest of 2017.

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Headline Round Up!

*The 3.6 Trillion Dollar Man!

*Retail Ice Age Updates.

*Sears May Be a Zombie Too.

*Payless No More? Bankruptcy Rumor?

*JC Penny Smacked to 52 Week Low along with Tuesday Morning and Sally Beauty Holdings.

*Ford Stalled?

*Facebook’s Instagram Has 1 MILLION Advertisers 5 Fold Growth in 1 Year!

*Starbuck’s to Hire 240,000 Globally 68,000 in US.

*Pipeline and Permian Basin Updates Big Oil Steps In!

*Texas Real Estate Updates.

*Emerging Markets.

*Albertson’s Buying Sprouts?

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*Investment Committee This Week and the MGAM Dashboard.

*Online Success!

*Updates on Trump’s Tax and Economic Policies.

*Sample Portfolios: Find out the real results!

*Update: Buffett’s Big $1,000,000 Bet Versus McGowanGroup Performance*!

*The Future of True Investing Efficiency: How to measure portfolio costs versus benefits.

*Retirement Preparation and Decisions Real Time!

*Nuveen’s 2017 Outlook and Possible Outcomes!

 *Comparison and Performance information available HERE

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