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About 30 years ago, an intelligent client taught me that the most reliable portion of expected return was the actual cash that an investment paid. Research and diversification are designed to offset risks to that income stream.With a 10 year horizon, a 6% income produces 60%. The longer term view can therefore potentially benefit from fluctuations allowing leeway for reinvestment advantages.

Portfolio construction often centers on unrealistic demands for stable value and expectations to enter and exit with psychic perfection. Cash flow based analysis involves the selection of assets that can pay attractive income and allows for fluctuations in value as part of the process.

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  • Key U.S. Indicator: No Recession?
  • Home Prices Rise Again in 81% of U.S. Metro Areas!
  • Lotsa JOBS!
  • India Growing Faster Than China! What does it mean for global investors?
  • S&P Downgrades the Bonds of 45 Exploration Companies Primarily Based in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Dallas Morning News Slams Energy Transfer!
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen’s Testimony to Congress Includes Negative Interest Rate Questions. Why her testimony is important for investment strategy.

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Profit Report with Alex Tollen:

With the major equity indexes down in value for the year, capital flows that have actually produced gains for the year indicate pursue safety with an emphasis on income.

3 Year Chart of the 20 Year U.S. Treasury Price and the 30 Year U.S. Treasury Rate

Graph courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

3 Year Chart of the Dow and S&P

Graph courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.