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The evolution of the financial markets, especially the proliferation of index funds, appears to have resulted in an investment banking push to deliver initial publicly offerings of stock based upon the resulting demand from index funds.

The recent price collapse of two of this year’s largest, and arguably overvalued offerings, may cool off the IPO market for the rest of 2017.

Overvaluations could wind up being the most dangerous factor for investors between now and the end of 2018. This week’s program delivers investment strategy to protect.

The charts below provide insights on the capital market flows for IPO’s and the housing markets for Dallas compared with the nation.

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Headline Round Up!

*Snap and Blue Apron Plummet Undercutting Private Valuations Used to Price New Shares Sold to the Public!

*North Texas HOTNESS! Dallas and Fort Worth Housing Markets Rank #4 and #3 as “Hottest” in the Nation.

*Printing Money! Visa and MasterCard Hit All Time Highs.

*Bozo Award: Oops! MIT Research Scientist Google’s Insider Trading Searches to Avoid SEC. That’s How They Found Him.

*Swing! Apollo Buys Money Losing Dallas Based Club Corp for $1.1Billion. What Could Be The Strategy, and What Can We Learn from the Potential Outcomes.

*60% Growth in Amazon Prime Day. Retail Ice Age Accelerates!

*Help Wanted! Over 5,670,000 Jobs Posted. Huge!

*Google Wins! France Tries to Extort Over $1 Billion in Taxes. Court Says NO! EU Attacks on US Companies Setback.

*Flying High: American Airlines Raises Forecast and Hits a New Share Price High.

*OPEC Pumping Too Much Oil. Mexico Finds a Billion Barrels. Oil Prices Potentially Below $40?

*Oncor! Buffet Bids $9 Billion Cash for North Texas’ Grid. Elliot Counter Bids.

*CCC Rated Bonds in Demand! Bargains or Cow Patties?

*Emerging Market Good News: India Inflation Hits Record Low.

Profit Report! Summer Planning Season!

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*Trustee Boot Camp: Effective training steps to complete with your executor, trustees, and heirs this summer.

*New Virtual Currency Updates: Digital Beanie Babies or the Future of Finance?

Case-Shiller National Home Price Index

national home prices

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Case-Shiller Dallas Home Price Index
dallas home prices 7

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Renaissance IPO ETF

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

SNAP, Inc.

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Blue Apron Holdings, Inc.
aprn updated

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

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