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The final third of 2016 is about to start and this week’s program provides year to date returns for investment choices and strategy discussions as we begin to plan for 2017.

Profit Report! Pension Plans and 401k’s:

With approximately $20 Trillion in pension plans, how much of that is 401k?

What are the year to date returns for the major asset class choices in most 401k’s?

ERISA guidelines that drive allocations?

Longer term results?

Target fund trends?

Indexing trends?

Are you a Trustee? Fiduciary?

“Self directed” choices?

IRA rollovers and planning processes?

MGAM’s retirement plan?

Asset Class Returns from JPMorgan

Diversification and the Average Investor from JPMorgan

Interest Rates:

Updates from The Economic Policy Symposium

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Graph Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

Friday’s speech: What’s all that “Yellen” about?

Fed Funds rate?

In a free market, why is this rate dictated?

Balance sheet “reinvestment”?

Inflation or deflation?

Strategy implications for 2017?

Featured Research Solutions:

Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*Global CIO Commentary by Scott Minerd

*The “3 C’s” Driving Emerging Markets

Networth Radio provides unique guidance designed to educate investors and improve decision making. Investors who find themselves overly pessimistic or overly optimistic are guided through common sense fact based research.

We look forward to Summer Planning Season and helping to coordinate your future success.

Tax planning updates: The summer is an ideal time to meet with your CPA. Completing extension filings and a preliminary 2016 return before the October rush can result in a more proactive process while CPA offices tend to have extra band width.

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