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The first quarter of 2017 was truly extraordinary for investors. This week’s program explores the important numbers behind the equity rally, the surprising results of the Federal Reserve increase in the overnight bank lending rates, and important strategy implications for the rest of the year.

Headline Round Up!

*$20 per Barrel Break Even in the Permian Basin? OPEC on the ropes!
*North Texas Winners!
*Retail Implosion!
*Opiate Addiction Hits the Trump Agenda, The Senate, and National Attention.
*Pending Home Sales Spike! Airbnb rental updates.
*China Buys a Chunk of Tesla.
*Warning: Investors Have Borrowed $528 Billion Against Their Securities Brokerage Accounts.
*Emerging Market EXPLOSION!

Profit Report

*Know your Trillion$! The and what it means for investors.


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*What the “FAANGs”* trade and the implications for “thin” market leadership.
*Sample Portfolios: Find out the real results!
*Retirement Preparation and Decisions Real Time!
*The term FAANGs applies to Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google.

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