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In the evolution of McGowanGroup Asset Management’s commitment to excellence in service, we just installed a video production studio in our Crescent office. The purpose initially is to deliver graphics with the weekly NetWorth Radio Advance Report increasing the educational value of the broadcast. The link above will play this week’s Advance Report, our weekly feature for investors.
In this week’s Profit Report we will cover our plans for videos designed to educate your adult children, trustees, and parents on the estate planning process in an entertaining format. Further, we have already produced our first custom video explaining one family’s specific parts of the estate plan for the trustees and successor trustees with the guidance of the estate planning attorney and the family CPA.

This week’s market activity registered new highs for the Nasdaq 100 QQQ index on the strength of a remarkable rally in big technology names. Behind the scenes punishment was issued to Snapchat with a one day drop over 20% to new post IPO lows. Further, retail related stocks like Richardson based accessory maker Fossil continued a brutal selloff that may also indicate, not just a move online, but a consumer overextension.

1 tech rally

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Headline Round Up!

*Tech Rally Explodes to Upside!
*QQQ Nasdaq 100 New High Again On Amazing Tech Rally!
*Oil: Increased Domestic Production Replaces Nearly ½ of OPEC Promised Cutbacks in 2017.
*Treasury Curve Flattening!
*T Bills Hit .888% and Long US Treasuries Stabilize at 3%.
*FOSLized!!! Once High Flying Fashion Accessory Richardson Based Fossil Pounded Over 30% in a Single Day! A near 90% decline from it’s peak.
*Oh SNAP! Shares Fall Over 20% in Single Day.
*Macy’s Pounded After Earnings Miss.
*Tesla’s Solar Roof Cheap Enough to Catch Fire.
*Gundlach Says Buy Emerging Markets.
*Currency Update on Emerging Markets.
*T-Mobile and Sprint to Talk Merger Again as Washington Changes Posture.
*Will Long US Treasury Rates Rise?
*Whole Foods Changes Out Board Positions.
*Global Liquid Natural Gas Updates.
*Is the Biotech Bust Over? Valeant Rebounds.
*Texas Says No to Tolls?

Profit Report:

*Latest Trustee Bootcamp Educational Innovation: Estate Planning Videos!
*This Week’s Planning Lessons from Client Appointments.
*McGowanGroup Asset Management Posts its First Quarter Client Results online!

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Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.
*Passive Bond Strategies: A Road to Nowhere
*Estate Planning Attorneys

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