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NetWorth Radio’s research platform includes a network of business leaders that provide important boots on the ground insights about companies, industries and economic conditions. This week’s program covers reports on an increase in auto loan delinquencies, a drop in March auto sales to a 2 year low, a potential shift in the conditions of the Florida real estate market, and the ongoing retail ice age that is sending store chains into bankruptcy.

Valuation levels of the equity markets appear stretched unless first quarter earnings season brings good news. April earnings announcements will be extraordinarily important for equity based allocations.
An amazing jobs report this week underscores that while the consumer may be overstretched, the overall health of the economy in job creation is undeniable.

Headline Round Up!

*DoubleLine Bond King Gundlach Predicts 10 Year UST FALLING to 2%?

*Fed Shrinking Balance Sheet? How Much and What It Means for Investors!

*Lots More Jobs in March!

*March Auto Sales Hit the Skids!

*3500 Retail Stores Closing!

*New York Fed: Auto Loan Delinquencies Rising.

*Ralph Lauren Abandons its 5th Avenue Premier Store! But, the Bar will Stay!

*Rental Rate Updates: Rising Modestly After a 2016 Flat to Declining Index. Dallas Still Rising. Fort Worth Gets a Boost!

*LEAKS! Lacker the Slacker! Richmond Fed Springs a Leak in 2012. Was the March 15th Rate Increase Leaked as Well?

IRX leak

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*Staples May Sell Out to Private Equity Buyers.

*China Becomes Biggest US Oil Buyer!?

*Black Gold Rush: $175,000 to $200,000 per Acre!

*Canada Boom! Toronto Homes Explode 33%! Buyers Paying $200,000 Over Ask with No Inspection! Vancouver Tax Levy on Foreigners Apparently Sent Asians Packing to Toronto.

*REIT Update.

*Did Regulators Shut Down the Commercial Paper Market?

Profit Report

*McGowanGroup Asset Management posts its first quarter client results online!

*Collateralized loan obligations.

*Know your Trillion$! The and what it means for investors.


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