NetWorth Radio Advance Report - July 2, 2018

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for July 2, 2018.

Advance Report

Radio Show

This week’s program will provide a tour of year to date performances in the major asset classes as well as highlights from around the globe.


Headline Round Up!

*Oil Spikes Over $73 Per Barrel! Syncrude Canadian Oil Sands Production of 350,000 Shut Down for a Month, Over 3% of North American Production.
*Energy Companies Overtake Tech as Top Sector!
*Important Residential Real Estate Updates: Nationwide Home Prices Up 6.6% in Past Year, Dallas up 5.8%. 10 Year Gain Recap by Region.
*U.S. 30 Year Treasury Rate Drops BELOW 3%? What does this mean for the second half of 2018 and for 2019.
*Amazon Buys PillPack, Mail Order Pharmacy, for $1B. CVS and Walgreens Slammed.
*Amazon Independent Driver Announcement Slams UPS and FedEx.
*$108 Billion in Net Cash Comes Home Plus Another $358 Billion Dividends Received from Abroad.
*4.5% Estimated Growth by Atlanta Fed in Q2. Q1 Only 2%.
*Auto Tariffs Potentially Endanger over 500,000 Jobs. Foreign Autos Could Increase by $5,800 per Car.
*Dollar Strong. Rupee Slammed to Record Low. Yuan Drops Nearly 2% in a Week.
*Liquid Natural Gas Terminals Coming Fast and Furious! Qatar Bringing $20 Billion, Lots of it in Texas!
*Big Oil Now Big Gas! 4 to 7% Annual Global Growth in LNG After 2023. Acquisitions Mounting.
*Putin and Trump Headed to Finland July 17th.
*Kinder, Apache, and Blackstone $2 Billion Permian Pipeline. Permian Gas Production Surging.
*Texas Still Fastest Growing Economy in U.S.
*Harley Flashes Economic Warning with 12% U.S. Sales Drop and Lands in the Middle of the Trade Disputes!
*Coors and Others to Put Cannabis in Beer!


This Week’s Financial Weatherman Radar:

U.S. Treasury Rate Yields for 2 Year Notes and 30 Year Bonds (Approx. 5 Year)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

U.S. Export Totals and U.S. Dollar Spot Index (10 Years – April 2008/April 2018)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund, Inc. (Approx. 10 Years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

Boeing Co., Caterpillar Inc., Harley-Davidson Inc., & Russell 2000 Index (Approx. 6 Month/Year To Date)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg LP


The Profit Report:

Year to date performances from the major asset classes. What does it tell us about the rest of 2018 and 2019.


Growth Units Update:

What is a “Target Fund?” How have they performed?
What is actually inside a Target Fund?
Who are the all time superstar money managers and what did they do?


The Cash Flow Revolution:

*Interest Rate Updates: Money Markets, Treasuries, Corporates, and more.
*What pays more and is less volatile than stocks?


Research Round Up!

Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.
*Emerging Market Diminishing Risk vs. Headline Fears.
*Energy MLP’s Recovering from Perfect Storm.
*4 Strategies for Fighting Inflation.

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