NetWorth Radio Advance Report - October 7, 2019

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for October 7, 2019.

Advance Report

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What’s a “Looming Recession?” Sounds creepy and dangerous.

Well, there is not an official definition of “Looming Recession.” But, apparently we have had it there looming for over two years based on the headlines. In fact, it has been scaring people since 2010.


Should I worry? What happens in a “Looming Recession?” What does it do after it “Looms?”

During this “Looming Recession” about 3 million more people have found jobs that were unemployed before and the economy grew at over 2%. It “Looms” in financial headlines, some politically driven, scaring people that we will have a crash like 2008.


This Halloween, I want to dress up like a “Looming Recession” so I can scare lots of people!


Headline Round Up!

*”Looming Recession?”
*Warning Signs from The IHS Markit U.S. Services Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)?
*What Do the Jobs Reports Tell Us?
*Escalation in Trade War! New Tariffs Slapped on the EU’s Airbus for Government Sponsorship?
*Fed Says 2.25% Growth. Not a Recession Yet, Just a “Looming Recession.”
*Range Bound Market is Now “Trump’s Stock Market.”
*Stealth Bear Market! What is that? What should investors do?
*Repo Madness Sucking Up Cash. Caused by banks inventing an additional source of capital by overnight hypothecation? Sounds salacious.
*90 Day T Bill Yield Falls Out From Under Fed to 1.65%! What does it mean for Money Market yields? What does it tell us about future Fed action? What is a cash flow panic? What happened in 2012?
*Municipals Pull in $46 Billion? What happens next?
*12% SLUMP in Car and SUV Deliveries!?
*Musk on Mars? Investors Pound Tesla After Falling Short Again.
*Manhattan Mansion Tax Now Ultra Progressive. Manhattan High End Real Estate Sales Collapse 14% and Prices Fell 8.2%.
*Home Builder Lennar Beats Expectations Signaling Housing Market Still Strong.
*Vegan Nachos with That Doobie? Los Angeles Sets a Trend Again?
*Gold Diggers! Alex, can you explain how communism works in China here on their 70th anniversary?

Texas Black Gold Rush!

*Can Pipelines Make Money? Yes! McGowanGroup’s Energy Infrastructure Overview!
*LNG Leader Chenier Adding Capacity By Over 10%.


Profit Report!

*Eaton Vance and JPMorgan Q4 Reports on Performance and the Markets!
*Advanced Trust Work: Family Limited Partnership (FLP), Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) and Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT) 
*MGAM Case Reports
*Meet the Expanded McGowanGroup Team!
Trustee Bootcamp: Whiteboards and Trustee Videos! “It is better to start with a plan than end in a panic.”


Research Round Up!

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World Interest Rate Probability – U.S. Fed Funds Rates (10/30/2019 – 11/05/2020) 

– Courtesy of Bloomberg

West Texas Intermediate Crude Spot Price & MGAM Energy Infrastructure Indicator (Approx. 14 Years)

– Courtesy of Bloomberg

MGAM Energy Infrastructure Overview Year Over Year Financials – Revenue (Since Fiscal Year 2014)

– Courtesy of MGAM

MGAM Energy Infrastructure Overview Year Over Year Financials – Net Income (Since Fiscal Year 2014)

– Courtesy of MGAM

MGAM Energy Infrastructure Overview Year Over Year Financials – Quarterly Revenue (Since 2018)

– Courtesy of MGAM

MGAM Energy Infrastructure Overview Year Over Year Financials – Quarterly Net Income (Since 2018)

– Courtesy of MGAM

*”Looming Recession?” The Latest Economic Read from BlackRock.
*Alliance Bernstein: High Yield as a Volatility Reduction Strategy.

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