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  • OOPS! Delta LOSES $450 Million Because Fuel Costs Went DOWN???? Alex! What’s a “HEDGE”?  (rhymes with “WEDGE(E))”?
  • Rates DOWN not UP!!!! Record Low US Treasury Rates
TNX 5year

Graph courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

tyx 5year

Graph courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

  • Mortgage Refinances 21% on Record Low Rates!
  • Real Estate BOOM Marches on!
  • Regulators Easing High Yield Bond Allocation Rules for Insurers. Surprise for 2016: The Reversal in High Yield Bond Prices after the Credit Market Freeze of February 11th.

Graph courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

  • Oil Reversal and Stabilization Near $50.
  • Surprise Service and Manufacturing Industries Accelerate??!!
  • The Brexit Head Fake Panic! Soros Bozo Award?
  • Who is Gundlach? Surprise of 2016?

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Vital Fiduciary Obligations that You May Already Have!  

Trustee Boot Camp With Alex Tollen: What You Must Do as an Executor or Trustee.

What Happens when someone passes away:

  • The Probate Process
  • Executor – roles, responsibilities and fiduciary duty
  • What to do with real estate
  • Processing the distributions

Joint accounts, POA and trustee of trusts

  1. To Joint account or to not Joint account: pitfalls and
    risks of being a joint owner
  2. POA is a better way to go for bank and brokerage
  3. My parents have a trust and I am the successor trustee, now what?
    a. Fiduciary responsibilities

    1. Fiduciary responsibilities
    2. It’s their money until its not


  1. The “Windfall” Trap
  2. How money works, compounding and total return
  3. The importance of cash flow
  4. Making the money last
  5. Building an income base with the portfolio
  6. Your budget
  7. Teaching the next generation

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