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Fed Funds Rate Probability

-Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

World Bond Markets 10 Year Maturity Yields

-Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

CBOE 10 Year T-Note Yield vs 30 Year T-Bond Yield (15 Years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

iShares iBoxx High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (Approx. 14 Years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

Alerian MLP Index (Approx. 24 Years)

-Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

Headline Round Up!

*Third Fed Rate Cut in 2019! Why?
*GDP 1.9%? What does it mean for investors?
*The Price of Your House? S&P Case Shiller Says it Went Up 2.77% Over the Past Year.
*DFW Led Texas in Home Sales. Austin is Most Expensive!
*$700 Billion in Home Loans Q3. Highest Since 2006?
*Deficit Hits 7 Year High!
*Namaste: JC Penny Providing Yoga Classes, Lounges, Concierge. Order up Yoga Pants from down dog?
*APEC Meeting Cancelled in Chile. Trump and Xi Selecting New Meeting Site! China States Long Term Deal Doubtful With Trump…they probably like Bernie better.
*Microsoft Gets $10 Billion Pentagon Contract. Amazon Cries Foul!
*Louis Vuitton Offers $14.5 Billion for Tiffany’s!
*Altria Eats $4.5 Billion Charge on Juul!
*Space Rangers! US Super Secret (But Everybody Knows) Space Plan Lands After Nearly 2 Years.
*Branson Launches IPO on NYSE for Galactic Space Venture.
*Earnings Round Up! Apple, Shell, Ares, Kraft Heinz, Lyft, Starbucks, Marathon, Facebook, Google, Spotify, Enterprise Products.
*Blackrock Loves Emerging Market Bonds!
*Cry for Argentina? Fernandez Takes Power.
*McLaren Moved North American Headquarters to Coppell!
*Ackerman Says WeWork Can Go to Zero?

Texas Black Gold Rush

*Halloween Tax Loss Selling Bargains. Why mutual funds cause low points in out of favor sectors.

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