With record index highs occurring for 9 trading days in a row, animal spirits and performance chasing appear to be driving investment decisions. This week’s program examines the apparent recalculation of equity valuations based upon lower corporate taxes. Too much too soon? Reuters reported this week that hedge funds are increasing their bets that a correction may loom ahead. NetWorth Radio will provide strategy updates on asset categories: safety and income, high cash flow, and growth with income.

Headline Round Up!

*Fed Minutes!

*The Real Story on Interest Rates for Investors. Strategy Implications for 2017 and 2018.

*Tax Policy! Impact for Investors.

*Good News: Jobless Claims Remain Historically Low.

*Where is Ricky Bobby When You Need Him? Nascar Ratings Chopped in Half Since 2005.

*Will Buffett Buy Southwest Airlines?

*Existing Home Sales Return to Pre Crisis Levels of 10 Years Ago! How High Can Home Prices Climb?

*Investors Gobbling Up Homes in Dallas. Median Home Price Still Just $201,000.

*Macy’s and Walmart: Amazing Results Indicate Strong Economy.

*Deportation Impact? Wage Push Inflation?

*Mexico Refusing Deportees! Buy Prison Bonds?

This Weeks Lessons for Investors:

The Sad Story of Aramco.

The Amazing Story of Kraft Heinz, 3G, and Warren Buffett. Unilever Merger Called Off Quickly!

Thousands of North Texas retirees could potentially see the value of their lump sum pension payments drop by substantial amounts. The high valuation for lump sum rollover options in recent history was reached last summer in July when the 30 year US Treasury hit 2.1%.

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Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

This weekend’s Profit Report will answer the questions:
Which North Texas companies offer lump sums?

What happens to the value of your rollover option if rates rise by 1%?

When should investors take the annuity payment monthly instead of the lump sum payout for rollovers?

What are the 9 big mistakes investors make and what are the 12 solutions?

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*Guggenheim’s Latest Strategy Update

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