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*U.S. Productivity Contracts Again! Is it Over Regulation?

*Record Total Employment According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics!

*Mylan’s Epipen Pricing Scandal Has Deep Implications for the Future of the Drug Industry.

*West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Prices Fall Back Below $45.

*The European Commission Attacks Apple with a $14.5 Billion Tax Bill that Ireland Says They Do not Owe!

*Brexit Fears Evaporate with Strong Manufacturing Expansion and a near 30% rebound in the FTSE 100 from the summer lows.


Graph Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

*$16 Trillion in Global Government Bonds Currently with Negative Yields According to the Wall Street Journal this Week!

*U.S. Equity Prices Retreat from Recent Record Highs. Have the Equity Markets Signaled a Top?

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Graph Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

*One Million Dollars?” for a 1 Bedroom Studio in Palo Alto is Reported to be the Lowest Available Housing in the Area. Plus, Real Estate Market Updates.

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When NetWorth Radio was founded in 2001, the objectives were to provide investors factual insights to the financial headlines that result in effective decisions to improve net investment profits. One of the foundations of our research is the concept that investments should be measured by the real cash flow provided over a long term horizon. The concept of measuring the value of a portfolio by how much we are paid over time became The Cash Flow Revolution. Welcome to today’s Cash Flow Revolution.

The financial markets of 2016 have been defined by money flows into investments that provide reliable forward income. Early this year the utilities index, known for dividend income, led the rally in equity markets after the credit markets appeared to freeze in February.

Total return includes both net cash flow plus change in value. Our advanced performance reports separate those two sources of total return. Since 2001, our current tracking system has provided unique intelligence for decision making.

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