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*Nasdaq 100 QQQ’s Another All Time High.
*Black Gold Rush: $10 Billion in 2 days! This Week acquisitions of Permian Basin Land ran as high as $50,000 per acre.
*Obama Capital Call: $20 Billion in Fines During Final Week.
*UBS Slams Exxon Mobil on Overvalution: Sell!?
*Housing Starts Spike 11.3% in December!
*“If I Had a Hammer!” Major Shortage of Construction Workers.
*Jobless Claims Drop to a 43 Year Low!
*Year Over Year Inflation Hits 2.1%, Fed Target.
*Chuck E Cheese Plans to Go Public Again. Valuation Proposed at $1 Billion.
*Municipal Bond Insurance Providers Spike to 52 Week Highs Signaling Potential Upgrades in Ratings.


New Administration Takes Office with Deregulation Zeal. What does it means for investors?
Nasdaq 100 Rally to New Highs! Who are the big winners?
IRA Planning: Required Minimum Distributions
Roth Conversions
Beneficiary Designations: The Importance of Contingent Beneficiaries

9 Big Dangers to Your Portfolio!

  • Lack of Real Cash Flow
  • Over-Spending
  • Bear Market Cycles
  • Taxes
  • Fear: Excessive Pessimism
  • Excessive Optimism
  • Over-Diversification
  • Under-Diversification
  • Performance Chasing/Over-Paying

12 Long Term Solutions!

  • Draft a long term plan.
  • Get big checks!
  • Earn more than you spend.
  • Prepare for the next market downturn through tactical allocation.
  • Own assets that can increase in value by more than inflation.
  • Make special purchases after record capital gains.
  • Review annual expenses using a spreadsheet download.
  • Calculate the likely forward return of available asset class choices.
  • Use at least 3 competing, distinct asset categories.
  • Buffet therapy?
  • Tactically increase maturity value under control when possible.
  • Tactically increase forward income when possible.

Featured Research Solutions:

Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.
*2017: The Real Story on Inflation by Scott Minerd
*Blackrock 2017 Investment Outlook
*Oppenheimer’s 2017 Outlook with Risk Warning

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