Advance Report

Radio Show

As heroic rescue efforts were underway, the impressive stories of Cajuns and Texans dedicating themselves as well as their boats to saving lives motivated the nation to briefly unite.

The financial market impact began over a week ago and continued through Labor Day weekend:

  • Gasoline Spikes on Shortages!
  • Refinery Outages Unprecedented!
  • Crude Oil Plummets with No Where to Go!
  • Caterpillar Surges!

Insurance Companies Slammed! (Gasoline September Futures 1 yr.)

Insurance Companies Slammed! (Department of Energy Crude Oil Total Refinery Input Data 10 yr. approx.)

Crude Oil Plummets with No Where to Go! (Crude Oil Futures 1 yr.)

Caterpillar Surges! (1 yr.

Insurance Companies Slammed! (S&P 500 Property and Casualty Insurance Sub Industry GICS Level 4 Index 6 mo. approx.)

Long Interest Rates Down! (Chicago Board Options Exchange 10 yr. Treasury Index and the Chicago Board Options Exchange Short-Term Interest Rate Index 1 yr.)

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Headline Round Up!

  • Deluge: Texas Refineries Hit by Tropical Storm Harvey!
  • Saudi Owned Motiva Refinery Flooded.
  • Exxon Mobil Substantially Impaired.
  • Gasoline: How High Can it Go? $3.00 Next Week at the Pump?
  • Great Economic News
  • ADP: 237,000 New Jobs Created in August
  • Economic Growth 3%!
  • Consumer Spending Up 3.3%
  • Inflation Low at 1%!
    Home Prices in Dallas Up 7.66%, 3rd out of 20 Cities.
  • Big Biotech Merger: Gilead Flies a Kite for $11.9 Billion.
  • Amazon Slashes Whole Foods Prices Up To 50%.
  • North Korea: Financial Markets Shrug Off Little Kim’s Japan Provocation. Dow 22,000 Again.
  • Best Buy Results Best in 7 Years.

Profit Report

MGAM Important Strategy Updates:

  • Surprising profit growth
  • Harvey’s petroleum and construction industry impact
  • What to do between now and Halloween
  • Dividend research and strategy.
  • Trustee Bootcamp and your heirs.

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