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Wisdom is often undervalued. A few quietly spoken words from a mentor or a father have transformed entire lifetimes. Investing is one of the subject’s where a devoted coach contributes to long term success in a powerful way. Our program this week pays tribute to experience, devotion to success, informed decision making, and our mentors who have blessed us with wisdom.

Headline Round Up!

*Austin Based Whole Foods Taken Over By Amazon! Lessons for investors. Bezos appears to love Texas, reportedly owns 400,000 acres here.

*Black Gold Rush: Oil Smacked Down to $44 per Barrel. What’s Next?

*Tech: Two Weeks Ago NetWorth Radio Covered Overvaluation in the “Fab 5” Tech Stocks!

*This Week’s Sell Off Underscores the Value of NetWorth Radio Research. Thank You Ortonator!

*Neiman Marcus Posts 4th Straight Quarterly Loss! Can They Even Pay Their Debts? Gymboree Bankruptcy

*Boeing Still Selling F15’s to Qatar. Stock Surging to All Time Highs.

*Gone to Texas!

*Solar Shines!

*Fed Raises Short Rates, Long Rates Fall!?

*When Will Energy Transfer Find a Bottom?

*Pandora and Fossil Smoked! Lessons for Investors.

Profit Report!

*The wisdom of PappaDean, Pappa Tollen, Sir John Templeton, Bill Good, and Warren Buffet.

*Updates from the trip to Italy and the UK.

*Floating Rate loan updates.

*Yield Matrix? What have we learned from the concept of the MGAM yield matrix? What did this week’s US Treasury trading teach us about 2018?

*Infrastructure Update: What have been the best and worse ways to play the infrastructure theme? Hint: not CBI.

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Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*Nuveen’s Infrastructure Report.

*Guggenheim Bull Market Action Plan!

*Estate Planning Attorneys

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