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This week’s drop in the 30 year US Treasury yield to near 2.2% corresponded to continued buying of high yield bonds and global lending portfolios around the world. For investors focused on the next potential crisis, decision making can be improved by examining where corrections have recently occurred. Money flows since the February 11th credit market freeze indicate that bargains still exist in global lending portfolios. This week’s program provides updates and insights into which markets provide relatively high forward expected returns.

Networth Radio provides unique guidance designed to education investors and improve decision making. Investors who find themselves overly pessimistic or overly optimistic are guided through common sense fact based research.

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Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

Headline Round Up!:

*Dallas Home Price Rate of Appreciation Topped 21% Annualized Last Quarter!?!?

*Cash Rich Old Tech Companies Continue Their Buying Spree for New Tech: Oracle buys NetSuite for $9.3 Billion and Still has Huge Cash Reserves! What will They Do with the Other $47 Billion??

*Texas Instruments Explodes to Over $70 per Share!

*Throwing in the Towel: Yahoo Sells Out to Verizon for $5 Billion and Still owns $40 Billion worth of Alibaba and Yahoo Japan.

*Bubble? Cheap Housing for Zillionaires: Zero Down and 1% Financing for Silicon Valley Millionaires and Billionaires.

*Europe’s Largest Portfolio is Buying Emerging Market Bonds!

*PIMCO Buying High Yield Corporate Bonds Tied to US Consumer Cyclicals.

*Liquid Natural Gas Explodes and US Facilities are Coming on Stream!

*Apartment Bonanza: Rents Appear Ready to Drop. 42 Year High in Number of Apartments Under Construction.

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Tax planning updates: The summer is an ideal time to meet with your CPA. Completing extension filings and a preliminary 2016 return before the October rush can result in a more proactive process while CPA offices tend to have extra band width.

Vital Fiduciary Obligations that You May Already Have!

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What You Must Do as an Executor or Trustee.

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What Happens when someone passes away:
1) The Probate Process
2) Executor – roles, responsibilities and fiduciary duty
3) What to do with real estate
4) Processing the distributions

Joint accounts, POA and trustee of trusts
1) To Joint account or to not Joint account: pitfalls and
risks of being a joint owner
2) POA is a better way to go for bank and brokerage
3) My parents have a trust and I am the successor trustee, now what?
a. Fiduciary responsibilities
b. It’s their money until its not

1) The “Windfall” Trap
2) How money works, compounding and total return
3) The importance of cash flow
4) Making the money last
5) Building an income base with the portfolio
6) Your budget
7) Teaching the next generation

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