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Portfolio Strategy Implications

This week’s program examines possible outcomes of currently escalating global tensions:

Portfolio preparation for worst case scenarios?

Stratfor analysis?

North Korea’s arsenal?

Current US Navy global positions?

Russia disagreement?

Tillerson’s chilly visit with productive conclusions?

Iran and North Korea nuclear alliance?

Headline Round Up!

*Deflation! Producer Prices Actually FALL?

*Which Way is Up? 30 Year US Treasury Yield Declines??? But T Bill Rates Went UP?

tyx irx 1 year

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*Severe Recession for Parts of Retail (In a Good Economy)!?

*LNG and Black Gold Rush: New Infrastructure to Transport Natural Gas to Gulf Coast!

*Guggenheim’s Minerd Predicts Correction and Advises Waiting Until October for Equity Allocations. Where should you keep your dry gun powder? With “the team that cares.”

*Austin Based Whole Foods Activist Investor Shopping the Company to Kroger or Amazon?

*Americans Pay More for Healthcare than the 85 Cheapest Countries Combined!

*Biotech Rally!

*Emerging Market Rally!

*London Falling? Housing Prices in a Slump.

*Earnings Season Update! Banks Rock!

*Power Outage! Public Utility Commission of Texas Blocks Sale of Oncor a Second Time?

*What Could Cause the Next Rate Spike?

*Trump Says Low Rates and Weaker Dollar?

Profit Report

*Laurie Logan is Going to Omaha for Warren Buffet’s Annual Soiree!

*How Rich is Trump’s Team?

*Trustee Boot Camp! To TOD or not to TOD? Transfer on Death supersedes wills and may leave estates short of cash. Map out your estate plan with specific case examples.

*McGowanGroup Asset Management posts its first quarter client results online!

*Dry Gun Powder! And where to keep it now.

*RMD to Charity?

*529 Plans: What can they be used for?

*Retirement Preparation and Decisions Real Time!

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Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*Real Fixed Income Strategy from Nuveen

*Estate Planning Attorneys

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