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Portfolio strategy impact of this week’s activity in the U.S. Treasury market.

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We began reporting a few weeks on potential consumer overextension at this point in the economic cycle. This week’s auto sales underscored the theme with a drop in sales for the major automakers. Only VW showed an increase in the April report.

I recently visited a Macy’s store in Boulder Colorado. Underscoring a report that we covered in April about retail store closings on pace for 8600 locations during 2017, the Macy’s store on a Friday afternoon was deserted. The staff clearly did not care that I came to overpay for new running shoes. Selection was limited and the experience left me wishing I had time for an Amazon delivery.

Oil prices dropped this week to below $46 per barrel underscoring the logic of this week’s interest rate chart. Deflation? The bright spot of this week’s financial news were the jobs reports indicating that the labor economy is still expanding.

Headline Round Up!

*Oil Smacked!
*550,000 Barrels Per Day Additional Domestic Production So Far in 2017.
*Production Exceeding Pipeline Capacity in Permian!
*American Liquid Natural Gas Begins Futures Trading.
*Chenier Reports a Profit! Finally!
*Visa Prints Money!!!!
*Saudi Aramco Buys Large U.S. Refinery.
*Facebook Faceplants Before Earnings Release.
*Advanced Micro Devices Slammed!
*Auto Sales Drop. Summer Plant Shutdowns Expected.
*Hedge Funds Gambling Long Rates Could FALL???
*HUGE: MasterCard Revenue Up 12%!
*Better Take Your Vitamins: 50 Year Treasuries? 100 Year Treasuries?
*Trump Willing to Meet with Little Kim?

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