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This week’s NetWorth Radio program provides intelligence reports designed to improve investor decisions as well as empowerment through education:

New Highs in the S&P Then Smackdown!
After making historic highs Monday and Tuesday, major US equity indexes reversed mid week. Is this a top and what caused the reversal?

spx 1 yr

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Dollar vs. Oil
Inverse correlation between the dollar index and oil prices is remarkable and can provide guidance on international investing. Is the shale revolution a double edged sword in light of recent reversals?

dollar and oil

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Global Interest Rate Report
What do global interest rate comparisons teach us about possible outcomes during 2017 and longer term?

world bond rates

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emerging bonds

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Long Term U.S. Treasuries
Why have long rates remained low as the Fed raises short rates?

tyx 5 year

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In the evolution of McGowanGroup Asset Management’s commitment to excellence in service, we just installed a video production studio in our Crescent office. The purpose initially is to deliver graphics with the weekly NetWorth Radio Advance Report increasing the educational value of the broadcast. The link above will play this week’s Advance Report, our weekly feature for investors.

Headline Round Up!

*Healthcare Sending Triples as a Share of Household Spending! Sir John Award for Torsten Slok!
*Ford Lays of 10% of Salaried Workers! What Does This Tell Us About the Economy?
*Record Household Debt? Danger? Let’s Look at the Numbers!
*Cisco Cutting 1100 Workers Investors Cut the Price.
*Waxed! Brazil EWZ ETF Drops 10% in One Day!
*Winded! Illinois Has No Budget and Not Paying Bills.
*Is Commercial Real Estate Stalling?
*Black Gold Rush Updates! Labor Shortage. Estimates for Production Increases 10-20% per Year. Exploration Companies Burning $9 Billion per Quarter.
*Low Bar! Target Spikes Despite Same Store Sales Decline. Walmart’s Online Sales Up 69% in Q1.

Profit Report:

*What does Scott Minerd say now?
*What is our strategy for new allocations?
*Dry gun powder strategies? Most conservative? Prudent yield strategies?
*Latest Trustee Bootcamp Educational Innovation: Estate Planning Videos!
*This Week’s Planning Lessons from Client Appointments.
*McGowanGroup Asset Management Posts its First Quarter Client Results online!

Featured Research Solutions:

Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd Strategy Update
*Passive Bond Strategies: A Road to Nowhere
*Estate Planning Attorneys

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