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Headline Round Up!

*Dow Falls Below 20,900. Is the Trump Rally Over?

SP and Dow 3 year

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*Black Gold Rush: Oil Slammed! Shares Plunge! Why? What it Means for Investors is Surprising!

*Liquid Natural Gas in High Demand! China vs Mexico vs India vs Japan in Demand for U.S. LNG.

oil nat gas 3 years

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

*The Amazon Curse Hits North Texas: Radio Shack Bankrupt Again! Sally Beauty Holdings Down 23% for 2017! Fossil Accessories Down 35% for 2017.

*Debt Ceiling Alert! What Treasury is Doing Ahead of the March 16th Deadline. The Nefarious Headlines of Government Shutdown Versus the Real Numbers.

*Trump Meets with Tesla’s Elon Musk on Infrastructure

*Job Explosion!

*SNAP! Index Funds and Analysts Abandon Naked Picture App Snapchat! We Warned You “To Not To.”

*Bad Cat!!! Caterpillar Potentially Fined $2 Billion. What Did They Do?

*Gust Belt: Wind Power Blows into Main Stream Power Sources.

*Cash Flow Revolution! Investors Yield Buying Continues.

Profit Report

*Update: Buffett’s Big $1,000,000 Bet Versus McGowanGroup Performance*!

*Alex Tollen’s report on Danielle DiMartino Booth, former advisor at the Dallas Federal Reserve, new book with insights ahead of the March Fed Meeting.

*Affordable Care Act replacement updates and what they mean for investors.

*Performance! Q1 2017 Leaders and Laggards.

*Target Date Funds: What the Heck is in Those Things?

*Retirement Preparation and Decisions Real Time!

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