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As clients ask about the election and 2017, we have been referencing a term heard often in sailboat races. Especially when a portfolio is succeeding in both long term and short term performance, a favorable tack with a favorable wind should not be disrupted over potential changes in conditions. In fact, race winners are generally those that find a favorable course and hold it as long as possible.

Certainly the appearance of storm clouds on the horizon or storm predictions on the weather app would result in protective steps.

This week’s NetworthRadio program explores potential outcomes for 2017 and 2018 vital for navigating portfolio strategy.

Headline RoundUp!

*Third Quarter Earnings Season! What Do This Week’s Profit Announcements Tell    Us for 2017?
*American Airlines Flashes Economic Warning: 1.1% Sales Decline.
*Texas Pacific Land, TPL, Makes Another All Time High.
*Spending Spree! According to the Obama Administration is on    Track to Leave Office with Federal Debt Topping $20 Trillion.
*Inflation? Not Much!
*Hedge Funds Withdrawals for Q3 Top $28 Billion.
*Chesapeake Back with a 4.5 Billion Barrel Discovery in West Virginia.
*Netflix Delivers Results and Spikes over 20%!
*Money Flows into Leverage Loan Funds.
*Europe Attacking US Technology Companies.
*Banks Awash in $1.4 Trillion of Cash.
*$56 Billion Looking for Distressed Debt Amid Decline of Troubled Debt Falling by 2/3 Since March!
*Amazing Rally in Texas Bank Stocks! Fears of credit losses due to energy dispelled by profit increases.

Graph Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

Profit Report:

*Get a Plan!   This week’s profit report covers successful planning strategies for investing, estate planning, social security decisions, and tax planning. The most important lessons and planning recommendations drawn from literally hundreds of client families are the focus of our Profit Report.
*Trustee Boot Camp and Beneficiary Selection

Featured Research Solutions:

Investors are invited to improve decision making with a comprehensive tour of global economics, indicators, and actual results.

*Senior Loans: Opportunity?
*A Lonely Optimist: Bob Doll’s Outlook for 2017
*Q4 Guide to the Markets:  JP Morgan Market Insights.
*Election Impact: What Will the 2016 Elections Mean for Investors?
*Since 2001, our current tracking system has provided unique intelligence for decision making.

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