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Financial markets appeared to move beyond the election obsession this week underscoring the conclusion that post election market reactions were, in part, a brief unwinding of leveraged positions after the election.

An astute client, noting the deregulatory posture for 2017, asked me to research the performance of US equity and bond markets during the Reagan administration.

Notable is that financial markets move instantaneously while politics and policy impact tend move at the pace of a glacier. The implication being that the next 6 months could be like watching paint dry while policy changes and deregulation are implemented.

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Courtesy of Bloomberg L.P.

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NetWorth Radio’s Dallas Business Leadership Series:
Spencer McGowan Interviews Bill Griffin!

Bill Griffin

NetWorth Radio’s Dallas Business Leadership Series: This week’s powerful interview dives into the North Texas real estate miracle and where we go from here. Bill Griffin provides boots on the ground updates on the real activity from Frisco to Downtown Dallas.

Bill GriffinBill Griffin Real Estate Brokerage began in 2005 with a full-service office in Snider Plaza, and specializes exclusively in Dallas’ finer areas. Formerly co-owner and agent of David Griffin & Company, Bill Griffin is a name people have known in the Dallas real estate community for 30+ years.

Bill began this venture with a history and perspective that can only be acquired from time-honored experience. Bill’s expertise covers all aspects of real estate including single-family, multifamily development, land acquisition, investment property, and commercial development. Bill Griffin Real Estate Brokerage specializes in marketing upper end single-family homes in the close-in, established neighborhoods of Dallas such as the Park Cities, Uptown/Downtown, Oak Lawn/Turtle Creek, Lakewood/East Dallas, North Dallas/Preston Hollow and Kessler/Stephens Park, as well as marketing multifamily developments.

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