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Our ongoing powerful interview series this week includes Dr. Matt Rayner, a Dallas based chiropractor covering the latest treatments for healing, pain management, and neural therapy.

Dr. Matthew Rayner completed his undergraduate education at the University of Windsor in Canada, receiving a B.S. degree in Psychology & Biology. Salutatorian of the Parker University Class of 2011, Dr. Rayner also received the Class of 2011 Award for Diagnostic Excellence, as well as the Award for Excellence in the Sciences, presented by Parker University. Dr. Rayner specializes in rehabilitation therapy and implementation of specific exercises and treatment plans to help address the specific weaknesses and needs of patients with neurobehavioral and neurodegenerative conditions. Dr. Rayner played varsity volleyball before devoting his time to focus on his lacrosse career. He thoroughly enjoys working with athletes and maximizing them to their fullest of their potential.

Dr. Rayner spends his weekends furthering his studies in functional neurology and medicine and is currently pursuing specialized degrees in both fields to further his ability to treat and address the complexity behind chronic disease. Dr. Rayner loves to educate the patients with the hope of making complex material easier to understand, so patients can be empowered to make healthier choices. Dr. Rayner holds health talks every month and welcomes all his patients and their family and friends to attend. Dr. Rayner plans to someday teach fellow doctors in the area about chiropractic, neurology, functional medicine, nutrition, and rehabilitation.

Headline Round Up!

*North Korea’s Impact on the Financial Markets! Dow, Vix, Bonds
*Inflation or Deflation?
*Snapped! Beware the IPO!
*Strapped and Apronless!
*Retail Ice Age! JC Penney Gone?
*Biotech Slammed Again.
*California Roars Back! Once Compared to Greece, Bonds Now Trade as if AAA.
*CA GDP Passing the UK?
*Shale Revolution Update: Capex Cut and Hedging Increases!
*Congressional Tax Confusion

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