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Each year a high point for NetWorth Radio is the annual awards ceremony handing out both Sir John Templeton awards for sources of advice that improved investors ability to earn profits during the year and Bozo awards for sources of advice that proved to be wrong as the year unfolded.

Pre-election predictions provided fertile ground for Bozo awards this year. One of the main topics for this week’s program: Who predicted a Trump victory and, more importantly, Who actually predicted the amazing rally in US equity prices?

Candidates for this year’s Sir John and Bozo awards: Geoffrey Gundlach, Mark Cuban, Citigroup, Bob Doll, and, of course Spencer McGowan!

Forecasting is a difficult business and we will cover the format of useful forecasting of possible outcomes that appears to help investors improve results while building in the fact that even the best investors are often wrong.

Trump appointments: What do the current leadership selections tell us about 2017-2020?

Headline Round-Up!

*Equity Indexes Hit New All Time Highs!

Index YTD

Courtesy of Bloomberg LP

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*JOLTS! Jobs Report Still Strong!

*Chipotle Lessons for Investors: What Happens When Growth Disappears?

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*Trustee Boot Camp: The Process of Engaging Your Family.

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