NetWorth Radio Advance Report - December 17, 2018

In this NetWorth Radio Advance Report, Spencer McGowan, President of McGowanGroup Asset Management, delivers financial news and intelligence with insights you can act on for December 17, 2018

Advance Report

Radio Show

With Washington having thrown disruptions at the markets seemingly as fast as it can, traders may be headed for vacation days next week. Headlines from D.C. include impeachment, in fighting, trade wars, rate increases, and, of course the dreaded government shutdown!
What else can they come up with from the “beltway?”
NetWorth Radio is your voice of clear reason for year-end bargains and 2019 investment strategies. Join us for this week’s fresh, well researched tour of the global financial markets.
S&P 500 1 Year
-Bloomberg L.P.
World Bond 10 Year Interest Rates 
-Bloomberg L.P.
T-Bill Rate vs 10 Year Yield 
-Bloomberg L.P.
Energy Transfer and Kinder Morgan 
-Bloomberg L.P.
DCP Midstream and MPLX 
-Bloomberg L.P.

Headline Round Up!

*Fed Meeting Announcements this Wednesday! What Does it Mean for 2019 Investment Strategy? Double Line Bond King Gundlach Weighs in.
*Inflation Slows Down Even with Hot Jobs Market?
*A Billion Dollar Apple Campus in North Austin, 133 Acres, 15,000 Jobs! Room for Duck Ponds and Paddle Boarding?
This Week’s Quiz Question (guess before you Google just to be fair):
*Be a Space Cadet! How Much Does it Cost to Go Into Space?
*LNG: 3rd Export Facility Comes on Stream. Cheniere Sending LNG to Greece!
*Huge Shale Production Investments! Huge Production Increases! What is the meaning for pipeline investors?
*U.S. Dominates LNG Trading. Sleepless Nights for Busy Traders. What does it mean for the future?
*Kinder Cleared for New Pipeline to Sabine LNG Terminal.
*GE: Bottomed in Tax Loss Selling as Discussed? $6 JP Morgan Call.
*Farm Bill Passed Hemp is Legal! CBD Wave Legalized.
*Dell Stock is Coming Back? How and When?
*Bitcoin Bubble Popped! Bozo Award for John McAfee in Belize!
*Real Tariff Updates! Investor Confusion Abounds!

Profit Report!

*Lessons for the Stock Traders Almanac
*Trustee Boot Camp and the MGAM Legacy Project.

Research Round Up!

*Alliance Bernstein Guidance for High Cash Flow Investors.
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