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9 Big Dangers to Your Portfolio!

  • Lack of Real Cash Flow
  • Over-Spending
  • Bear Market Cycles
  • Taxes
  • Fear: Excessive Pessimism
  • Excessive Optimism
  • Over-Diversification
  • Under-Diversification
  • Performance Chasing/Over-Paying

12 Long Term Solutions!

  • Draft a long term plan.
  • Get big checks!
  • Earn more than you spend.
  • Prepare for the next market downturn through tactical allocation.
  • Own assets that can increase in value by more than inflation.
  • Make special purchases after record capital gains.
  • Review annual expenses using a spreadsheet download.
  • Calculate the likely forward return of available asset class choices.
  • Use at least 3 competing, distinct asset categories.
  • Buffet therapy?
  • Tactically increase maturity value under control when possible.
  • Tactically increase forward income when possible.

NetWorth Radio Dallas Business Leadership Series

This week’s powerful interview features:

Horatio Lonsdale-Hands, the CEO of Buda Juice. An amazing story of nutritional breakthroughs and rapid growth based here in Dallas.

Horatio Lonsdale-Hands

Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Buda Juice, LLC.

Buda Juice, LLC.
January 2014 – Present (3 years 1 month) Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Co-founded Buda Juice; a different approach to health and juicing…100% organic (no ‘organic whenever possible’), cold pressed and glass bottled (no chemicals seeping into juice from plastic bottles). Product offering includes cleanse packages and organic juices, milks and soups ‘a la carte’ by the bottle. Bottle exchange credit offered. Market leader in unprocessed juice category.


Advance Global Communications
2001 – 2016 (15 years) Dallas, Texas.
Co-founded Advance Global Communications (“AGC”); in 2001 became one of the pioneers in the then new world of VoIP. Built AGC into one of the largest international carriers holding a dominant position in Mexican traffic (largest international market) for past 12 years. AGC has terminated in excess of 16 billion minutes of international traffic to 105 countries and has build up a reputation for providing quality, dependable and unmatched service. Offices and Operations in Dallas, Monterrey and Manila.

Chairman & CEO

ZuZu, Inc.
1989 – 1998 (9 years) Dallas, Texas.
Co-founded ZuZu; From one small restaurant In Dallas, ZuZu became one of Hottest Concepts in restaurant business (Nations Restaurant News) with 100 + company & franchised restaurants in 17 states. ZuZu ‘Handmade Mexican Food’ became first concept credited in the then new niche of “Fast Casual”.. a name I coined in 1995 to differentiate fresh ‘handmade food’ that was delicious and good for you from ‘fast food’.

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